Thursday, 23 December 2010

Christmas Preparations!

My mum likes to set our table in advance so that we're not rushing on the day and it looked so lovely i had to take some pictures!
Me at the other end with my birthday present bow from LouLou!
My mums chandelier, she hung glass baubles and little birds from it but you cant really see them D:
And our tree!
This is my favourite ornament, but there are lots of little bird ornaments tucked away in the tree ^^


  1. Oh wow! That is absolutely gorgeous! I lovet he little birds, and your chair at the end is fabulous! Your tree is so pretty and decorative. :3 you are great decorators.♥

  2. thankyou! merry christmas, hope you had a lovely day ^^

  3. That's a fine christmas tree *_* And you match your table decorations perfect! ^^

  4. hehe my mum will be pleased you like it! it didnt look quite so lovely after the dinner -.-'