Wednesday, 29 February 2012


I met up with Hati after my lectures and we went to the teahouse emporium! I hadnt been before and it was amazing, I had strawberries and cream tea (with strawberries and actual pieces of white chocolate in it!) and cherry and almond cake! Hati had honey and walnut (on the right)
Heres my outfit!
Also 90 followers, thankyou so much! Hugs to you all ^^

Monday, 27 February 2012

Rainbow Nails Tutorial!

So after being asked a few times, I thought Id make a tutorial for my blendy rainbow nail varnish!
Here we go, hope you enjoy it! please ask me any questions if Ive missed anything!
Based off the Hard Candy line of cosmetics. awesome nail polish called Vinyl. sorta purple-gold-silver-blue like. very very very cool, works with lots of clothes. bad one stroke coverage thou, 2 to 3 is ideal.Based off the Hard Candy line of cosmetics. awesome nail polish called Mirage. it looks pink, but shimmers blue! ^.^ sooo cool!! takes a few coats to reveal the pink, but it works good as a top coat to manicure colors.Based off the Hard Candy line of cosmetics. awesome nail polish called Sell Out. incredible colour but it takes two coats. it's a bitch to get off with nailpolish remover tho, cuz it stains your cuticles if you're not careful. highly reccomended for girls on the go.Based off the Hard Candy line of cosmetics. awesome nail polish called Jeanious. looks good with jeans. denim with a gold shimmer. beautiful alternative to pinks and reds.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Valentines and New Images!

Hey princesses! Today I wanted to show you some valentines pictures and some new shoot images ^^
I had a really nice valentines day, my boyfriend took us for a lovely meal at an Italian restaurant! It was lovely, lots of little dishes to share, kind of tapas style!
And heres Lloydy, waiting for me to stop taking pictures and let him eat!
After our meal we were going to go to the cinema but instead we went home and watched movies ^^ We also took some pictures in part of our valentines presents for each other.. our new jumpers!
Evil kitties <3
This ones my favourite!
I cant wait to coord it with some casual lolita outfits!
Lloydy also got me a bear ear bonnet and a new phone case were waiting to come in the post, a nd these beautiful roses! Id never been brought flowers before ^^
And fnally some shots from a shoot on thursday
As ever, if you want to see them properly you can find them here:
Thanks for reading!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Nails, nails, nails!

Anyone who has read my blog for a while will know how much I love doing my nails, and matching them to my outfits! So today Im going to post some of my favorites Ive done and show you some from my favourite nail blog!
My Anna Sui nail polish that I bought at the Narita Duty Free shop. it's color #003, and is a bunch of holographical-silverish sparkles. you'll never stop looking at your nails.My Anna Sui nail polish that I bought at the Narita Duty Free shop. it's color #329, and is a bunch of silver square sparkles, and tinier round silver and rose colored sparkles. the base liquid has a hint of pink. this layers really well.My Anna Sui nail polish that I bought at the Narita Duty Free shop. it's color #020, and is a bunch of silver square sparkles, tinier round silver and gold sparkles, and bigger, phong-disk-shaped silver circles. the base liquid has a hint of gold. looks gorgeous over any base coat of makeup. stunning.
If youve been following my  blog for a while you might remember my watermarbling tutorial!
You can find it here if youre interested:

Heres my first attempt at nebula nails

And my first attempt at a rainbow blend! Ill be posting a tutorial for this soon :)

One of my christmas nails, it was meant to look like snow!

I hope you like my attempts! I also want to show you my favourite nail blog! Its updated everday and has some amazing things on it! All of the following pictures are from it:

Here are some of my favourites!
Twin Stars and Sailor moon!!
She also uploads seasonal designs ^^
Do you follow this blog too? Do you like nail art?
Hope you enjoyed my post!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Sushi, tea and help!

So I thought Id post some pictures from things I have done recently, I havent posted much as its all been a little quiet! But I did have amazing blooming tea that I wanted to show you :D
It was very delicate and jasmine-y, and when I first got it, it looked like pond weed!! but it opened gradually..
Until I ended up with this! Hanging basket :p it looks so cute! Sadly you cant see the lovely shade of red of the top part
I love the logo too, the place is called tea monkeys :D
Latte in a mug cup
I also went out for sushi with two of my coursemates, so yummy!! I didnt really eat fish and was really vegetarian for about 4/5 years but now I think Im comfortable being pesketarian (I dont know how to spell it!)
Heres some of what I had
zenzai... memories of winteri had the BIGGEST SHRIMP once with my tempura soba. I think it might have been the size of a lobster, no kidding.
tempura shrimp roll. ohh yes.
So good!
I also had this amazing chocolate cake, (and some chocolate mochi!!) after, Its chocolate ganache, chocolate mousse, and has crushed meringue inside, I thought I was in heavennnnn
One final thing!
I entered the Gothic Lolita Wigs contest with images from my new photoshoot, its not going well for me as I dont like to pester my friends online! But if you feel like I deserve a vote please go ahead!
The link is here:
and heres the picture I used! Ill post this shoot in full soon ^^
Thank you for reading!

Friday, 3 February 2012

New layout and another shoot!

New layout! I got bored of the last one hehe. My new banner is from a shoot I had yesterday, Ill post pictures of that soon or you can see them here now:
In the mean time, Im finally allowed to show you pictures from a shoot I had last Autumn! Once again you can see more on my page but Ill show you a few favourites now ^^
what do you think?