Thursday, 31 March 2011

Things I Love Thursday With a Twist!

Hello! Sorry I havent blogged much recently, Ive had no time/been in completely the wrong mood, but hey! Here I am, and there should be more frequent posts in the upcoming weeks including from the two photoshoots I recently had for Apocalypse Girls!
Anyway the reason this weeks things I love is slightly different is because I have one main love to focus on ^.^
So my main love this week has been anything even mildly gothic. I was like alot of people, very into goth fashion in my early teens and though its not always apparent certain parts of it have really stuck with me. I definitely havent lost everything from those days! I still wear my new rocks frequently and regard my corsets in very high esteem, though music was probably what had the most impact on me.
Sadly I dont really have any pictures of me from those days, I only really started taking photos in my cyber phase! But here are some beautiful photos which have inspired me this week, Ive tried to credit the sources but in some cases Ive lost them, none of these pictures are mine!

Firstly, Im really loving anything that looks old or antique, a blog I love if youre interested in anything concerning decor is: oh my god I could spend so many hours on their blog.
The next thing that has caught my eye is makeup. These two pictures in particular make me want to know the secrets!
I draw over my eyebrows but i could never achieve quite this perfection.
(This picture is of the lovely owner of lots more beautiful pictures of her on her blog!)
My next makeup inspiration:
My inspiration in the form of a clothing item is the beautiful divine cross by MMM. Maybe one day Ill own something so elegant!
My final inspiration is a model ive loved for a long time, Razor Candi. Ive followed her work for several years and am just so intrigued by her versatility, both in clothing and hair and makeup she continually manages to shock me (in an amazing way!)
You can find her official website here:
and here are a few of my favourite photos of her.
Note the tiny corseted waist!!
And finally, this one reminds me a little of ero lolita
Ill leave it here! Thankyou so much for reading <3

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Things I ♡ Thursday!

Hello! As promised, Im back with things I love thursday!
Im going to start off with...
Deco nails!
I adore deco nails and i always see them pop on tumblr! I dont think i could ever wear the really long ones, not just generally but when it comes to taking contacts out its a bit frightening!
I did but on a more reasonable length of nails for my photoshoot on saturday however, here were my results!
The wristcuffs were handmade by me, which leads me on to my next like..
Last weekend I finally had time to sit down and do some sewing after ages of having a half finished skirt hanging around. I havent taken any pictures of the skirt yet as I want to embroider or accessorise it a little better before it makes its debut! I also made this headbow from the detachable waist ties of a bodyline skirt!
Linking back to my first like once again.. Wristcuffs!
I never used to be that fussed about wristcuffs but all of a sudden i just think they can add so much to an outfit!
My favourites are the Wonder Cookie wristcuffs by AP in any colour way:
(picture found on egl sales comm, lost the link sorry!)
Pictures like this just make me squee! Oh accessories, we owe you so much!
My final like this week is brooches!
I used to spend more time on accessories such as earrings or necklaces, but recently Ive really been favouring brooches! Here are a few from my collection.
The one on the left is my favourite! And the one on the right is very special to me, it was my 18th birthday present from my Nana and its an original cameo, I dont really like the current reproductions of cameos that seem to be available everywhere, they just seem cheap to me.
Thats all! I hope you enjoyed my post and are having a beautiful thursday!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Things at the moment..

Hello lovely readers
I hope that you are all well and are all having a lovely month, half way through March already! Isnt that strange!
Im definitely going to be posting a Things I Thursday tomorrow, but i thought Id write another post now just because I havent in so very long!
Uni work is so difficult at the moment, but Im keeping up (just!) It also doesnt help that Ive now decided to walk back home everyday to get some exercise.. so time consuming! I also want to get a job.. it never rains it pours as my mother always says!
I did find time at the weekend to do some sewing however, I made the cutest wristcuffs (pictures soon!), a lovely headbow out of the detachable waist ties from a bodyline dress, and my first skirt. Im not entirely happy with the skirt but I think after ive accessorised it a little Ill be fine, I also want to do a little embroidery on it if ever I get the time!
I also did a little drawing yesterday for the first time in ages! Its me in anime/cartoon form!
I love having a split colour fringe, I think if it wasnt for that then Id probably want to dye my hair as blonde as my wig! I miss being blonde sometimes.
I will stop my rambling here and post tomorrow!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Outfits and Updates! ✰

Hello lovely people who read my blog!
Im going to attempt to post more as Im currently on around one post a week and Id like to be more active! Though sometimes this is impossible with uni work, Ill endeavour to do it, and atleast I hope to continue things I love thursdays!
And on to the ridiculous amount of pictures! Because it just wouldnt be a blog post from Bexy without them would it!
I shall begin with todays outfit!
It was fairly sunny today and out of the shade and wind the sun is finally beginning to warm slightly! So i layered instead of wearing the same coats over and over (though I do adore my lolita coat!) and i also tried to add a small pinch of fairy kei to brighten my day! Now Im by no means an expert of fairy kei, more like a humble admirer, but I attempted to add elements of it with my accessories, nails, trainers (I just adore pastry trainers!) and my bag. This was the overall effect:
Please excuse my tired eyes, my insomnia is back in full swing sadly! And a detail shot:
I just adore all the detail in these trainers so so much! And they come in super cute boxes, i think theyre the closest to available fairy kei footwear in the UK! Just look at these, patterned with hearts and butterflies, the cutest trainers ever!
I will stop with the shoe love and move on to another outfit! This was an outfit I had for a friends house party, and it was formed through my lolita influences (tights, shoes, petticoat) and my housemates vintage love! (the blouse which we teamed with my headscarf from the markets in Amsterdam and my Anne Boleyn necklace)
Detail shot, I adore this bracelet!
My fringe is so ridiculously long!
And one last thing, i learnt how to do a Lady Gaga bow with my own hair! (note: I hate Lady Gaga, like really really do not like)
Hehe I love my Minnie Mouse dress.
I hope you enjoyed my picture overload! Hope your weeks have started positively,

Thursday, 3 March 2011

My First Things I ♡ Thursday!

Hopefully I'll be able to do these a little more often! I'm going to stick to three things I love for now.

1.) Sailor items from Angelic Pretty!
I just love the Marine Story jumpers and tops, and the dress! So cute, makes me feel summery. I just love anything nautical!
So in love with this coord!
2.)Eyeko cream!
My next love is for a product, Ive been using Eyeko's cream for years, a light layer on cheekbones under foundation makes the skin glow beautifully! I tried drinking tonnes of water, eating healthier and so on but my skin never seemed quite radiant, so if you havent got it, fake it!
I also use it as a primer under my eyeshadows and it really does hold everything in place perfectly and give just the right amount of highlight!
See that glow under my eyes and across my cheeks? Thats not the glow of vitamin water and early nights!
3.) Tumblr!
My third love of the week is tumblr! Since making my account about a week ago Im now seriously addicted! I wish it didnt break so often but Ive already found so many interesting and inspiring blogs!
You can find mine here!

Hope all of your weeks are lovely so far, the weekend soon!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

New Forest Lolita Meetup!

Last saturday I went to the New Forest to meet up with a group of lolitas from around my area, it was amazing and as it was my first one Im so excited to go to more!
We had lunch and tea in an Alice in Wonderland themed tea room, took lots of pictures and went to a very, very yummy sweetie shop!
I would definitely love to meet them again! And when its warmer!
Aaaaaaand picture bomb :D
One of the girls had a proper camera but until then here are mine!
This is from our impromptu photoshoot:
A picture with my lovely boyfriend, I think Id have been a lot more shy without him being there, I feel ridiculously lucky
Me outside of the amazing sweetie shop!
A partial group picture:
And all of the girls, dont they all look beautiful!
And a final close up of my makeup! Excuse my face, I was all posed out but i wanted to show the little red stars i had around my eyes
Happy March! I hope you all have a lovely month!
Until next time,