Friday, 28 January 2011

I shouldn't have..

brought these shoes! But they're so cute and i wanted some more sweet lolita in preparation for the summer.
I wish i wasn't so impatient!
And another item to add to my wishlist:
Isn't it lovely! I have an iphone 3gs so it wouldnt even fit but I'd still buy it hehe.
I wish you all a lovely weekend, probably the next time I post will be when I get back from Amsterdam! I'm too excited.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

My last exam tomorrow.. Finally! ♡

I can not WAIT for my exams to be over, I've been to stressed recently! But as soon as they're finished I'll be going out to make up for lost time!
Here are some more outfit shots from the other day, firstly my coat which I adore! And I love the beret in wearing, it has some cute silver studs on it ♡
Im not sure why i look so moody :/

Sunday, 23 January 2011

But I do adore...

This print:
Twinkle Dreaming Princess.
Oh Baby its so, so perfect.
One day!

You can view the collection here

Angelic Prettys French Cafe

I love Angelic Pretty, Im not so much an OTT sweet lolita in my own outfits, but I love the little details in the jewellery and prints, the wigs that often accompany... ill stop day dreaming now!
But, Im not sold on the new print French Cafe.
What do you think? I can only really say I like the skirt!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Todays outfit!

I love this picture so much ^.^
What do you think? I love my wig!
I loved this outfit, Huge birthday hair bow from loulou! heart print tights, BTSSB replica shoes and an Ugly Betty necklace! I hope you like it!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

♡ A little update

Hello! Just thought I'd post a little update until tomorrows outfit post ^.^

I've spent most of the weekend with my lovely boyfriend and revising for my upcoming exams (Q.Q) but last weekend we had an indoor picnic because its still so cold, it was super cute!
We had muffins and crisp sandwiches and sweeties, all super yummy
My favourite sale find so far has to be this amazing embellished belt, I got it for an absolute steal because its missing a few gems, but its still gorgeous and I want to make a military style lolita outfit with it but I haven't got a navy lolita skirt yet :/
*Sigh* i love it so much! Another something new.. hairstyle! excuse the horrible picture:
and finally, I leave you with the prettiest chocolate ever that I had today:
apparently the chocolate wiggly line on the one on the left is called a "strickle" hehe

Super Cute Giveaway ♡

I never get lucky on these things but it can never hurt to try!

Sunday, 9 January 2011


Hello! I hope your 2011 experiences are all lovely so far.
Today is sort of another wishlist related post... this time about headphones! I use mine all the time, i get the bus too and from university everyday and Bath is usually packed with traffic in the evenings so it can get boring -.-
My dream pair of headphones were these gorgeous swimmer ones:
Lovehearts ! so cute, though I do adore these smaller ones too, im quite picky about sound quality and generally this style isnt great for sound quality:
Unfortunately swimmer dont ship to the UK so instead i treated myself with these Hello Kitty ones ^.^ please excuse my gormless face !

I just hang them over my bag handle when im not listening like this

Monday, 3 January 2011


Every lolita seems to have a favourite brand, or at least a couple of item names that get their pulses racing! i think most lolita blogs have this post or something similar... favourite brands and dream items.
My favourite brand has got to be Angelic Pretty. Their ridiculously intricate beautiful prints, and the detail in their items steals my heart whenever they release a new collection! So however impractical it may be my dream item is this, the Milky Planet jumperskirt!
I think the thing that really made me fall in love with this item (besides the beautiful print and sugary colour palette) is the detail, look at this lace!
What are your dream dresses? hopefully youre closer to achieving them than i am mine!
Unfortunately my student living doesnt allow for such things, though i have been practicing my own sewing machine skills today, maybe one day ill be able to make such beautiful creations, though my chances of ever finding such wonderful fabric are slim!
More posts to follow on my creative sewing streak ^.^ if anything works out!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

New year!

I spent new years eve at my parents house with my lovely lovely boyfriend
lots of fun and my mum brought lots of tiny cute puddings including these pink macarons!
it was a lovely evening and the best part was spending it with Lloydy.
I hope you all had a lovely new year too! Im afraid i dont make any new years resolutions as i tend not to keep them!