Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sushi, Shopping and Tea

We had a mini meet in Bath yesterday, quite a few of us are going through a tough time so we decided to all have a break together!
We met up and everyone was starving so we went for sushi, it was so good! Im hungry thinking about it!
We all ate loads, and Im already craving another trip...
We tried one of their specials (beautifully modelled here by Ziggi) with smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber, it was so so tasty
I love these prawns so much! You can also see my vegetable gyoza and plates piling up 
i had the BIGGEST SHRIMP once with my tempura soba. I think it might have been the size of a lobster, no kidding.
There was also a balloon man there, he made us a little monkey for our light alert thing!
After we had finished eating we did a little shopping and then finished off with some tea, sadly I didnt take so many pictures, it was too rainy and cold :(
Heres our tea! Me and Ziggi shared a pot of rose
Finally my outfit from the day!
Makeup (its not very good, I was quite rushed sadly)
and my hands! New castle ring and purple/blue gradient nails ^^
Thankyou for those who have entered my giveaway so far!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

My 100+ Followers Giveaway!

Hello lovelies, sorry for my absence but Ive had a very busy week and have finally handed in my dissertation!
Ill be blogging about todays meet soon, but for now I wanted to tell you all about my giveaway!
I will be giving away:
my sister loves profiteroles A 3 pack of lipglosses each with a detachable Hello Kitty charm!
Petit Four Glacé in mint green with candied rosebud garnishing top. A sheet of cute sweetie stickers!
Petit Four Glacé in the shape of a heart. Lemon drizzle. A pack of nail art gems - similar to those I stick under my eyes ^^
Petit Four Glacé in frost blue with buttercream flower decoration. A Little Twin Stars necklace and bracelet set!
Petit Four Glacé in lilac purple, dipped in chocolate, garnished with an oversized dragee. A cute whip ring!
Petit Four Glacé in snow pink, garnished with maraschino cherry. A deco mirror and comb set!

This giveaway is open to any of my followers, old or new and regardless of where you live!
To enter:
1.) Make sure you are following me using and leave your Google friend connect name.
and for extra entries...
2.) Reblog on tumblr! find the post here. Please leave a comment with the link to your post!
3.) Post about this giveaway on your blog and link back to me! Please leave a comment with the link to your post!

Please put each of these in a separate comment to give yourself more chances!
Dont forget to include your name, Google friend connect name and your email address with every comment!

I will send this to wherever the winner lives, but I am not responsible for any loss or breakage on the way Im afraid! Ive done my best to ensure that all of these items are beautifully wrapped and will make it safely to the winner.
Of course all items are brand new and brought especially!
Please ask any questions ^^
and here a couple of extra pictures:

I really hope you like my giveaway!
It will run until the 28th of May ^^

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Giveaway info & Sophies birthday meet

First off let me say I will be posting as much as I can but its deadline season so it might be a bit unpredictable!
First off I wanted to keep you updated on my giveaway, Im gathering everything together but so far I have brought a cute gem set, a h&m little twin stars necklace set, and these two things from the lovely Sugar Coated Sprinkles!
First is this cute whip cream ring
and this cute deco mirror with a mini comb!

I also wanted to tell you about our mini meet for Sophies birthday!
We were pretty hungover after her night out so we had a big breakfast then went around town and finished up at a cute teahouse ^^
Heres me and the birthday girl posing with her lovely deco dream cushion
I love this pic of moni and kyra, moni looks like shes plotting something!
Me and my waifu 
I had lemon drizzle cake and we all had delicious strawberries and cream tea ^^
Oddly balanced groupshot! There were no boyfriends to take pictures :p
I wish I had a red belt to finish this outfit ;___;

You should also check out these awesome cuties on sassyNpunk boutique!
Creamy dreamy moon charm <3
Thats all for today!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

100 & exciting news! ♥♥

I have so much to tell you in this blog post! The most exciting thing first!
The wonderful Leyla of sassyNpunk boutique asked me if I would like to become an affiliate! Of course I said yes yes yes!
the sassyNpunk blog is where I won the beautiful pinkhime giveaway and they always have the most amazing giveaways lined up! So Id definitely recommend following, its a great way to find out about awesome cute interwebz stuff ^^
It also means Ill get to do loads of reviews of awesomely cute stuff! And Ill get to show you some of my favourite things from the site :)
Second piece of news...
100 FOLLOWERS!!! Yay! 
Ill be collecting items for my giveaway so stand by, itll be ready for you to enter soon! ♥ 

In other news I had a wonderful weekend, Friday night was spent out for my friends birthday and on Saturday we had a mini meet! Ill be posting those pictures soon, for now, heres one of my (super casual) outfits!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Easter and moooaaaaar photos!

How was your easter? 
Mine was good but so busy -.- I worked three nights (but this is worse than it sounds.. I dont get into bed until 4.30/5am after work) so I was so tired!
Me and my little brother painted eggs together and made chocolate egg cookies ^^
My totoro egg and the cookie mix!
easter is here and the time is right for Pysanky Eggs!
easter is here and the time is right for Pysanky Eggs!
My parents brought me a giant chocoalte cupcake instead of an egg ^^
and my outfit, complete with bunny ears and tail :D
easter is here and the time is right for Pysanky Eggs!
Other than that I went away with my family for a few days and had 2 shoots with one of my best friends ^^
heres a preview from the first:
after the shoot we went for amazing tea and cake :D
I got instagram haha sorry!
We had another shoot on monday! Heres a couple from that, theyre based on an art project shes doing, and this part was based on misconceptions of lolita, so please dont be offended by my bloomers :p
And finally a picture of me and my lovely boyfriend in Bath ^^ 
well done for making it this far!