Saturday, 30 April 2011

A Day For Princesses ♔

Hello! Did you watch the royal wedding? We did, and then we had a big buffet! my sister made cupcakes, arent they lovely?
I wore a princess inspired outfit, complete with mini tiara and replica ring!
I also went to a gig earlier in the week with my boyfriend, I took so many pictures but Ill post two of my favourites. The gig was Bring me the horizon, Parkway drive, Architects and The devil wears prada :)
I also styled my first photoshoot! It was really strange being on the other side of the camera but I did three girls hair and makeup and two guys. It was really fun! Here my outfit from the day, very casual so I wasnt constricted ^^
I love this bow
Ill have another post soon, loli meet tomorrow at the zoo <3
And I got my new rocking horse shoes!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

New Layout and New Shoes!

Hello again! I made a new banner today, do you like it? I think it illustrates my poor photoshop skills -.-' I also changed my background! My tastes change so much.
Im excited currently, Im waiting for my first pair of rocking horse shoes to arrive!
It definitely annoys me when people rant about replicas.... whilst wearing a pair of replica rocking horse shoes. Lets face it, most of us are not going to own the original Vivienne Westwood design! I have no problem with replicas and so Im not hypocritical concerning RHS ^^ Im so excited, though Im tall already so Ill tower!

Easter and a Photoshoot!

Hello lovelies, hoping you all had a lovely lovely easter, I did! As promised here is a post about my day, and then some photos from an Apocalypse Girls photoshoot!
I woke up quite early, got dressed, added some bunny ears and went to find my little brother who loved my outfit so much! I then had to hide the eggs for the easter egg hunt for him and a few of the other children who live near us ^^
My easter egg was kind of special this year... also I got two of them as my sister brought the same as my mum!
My mum did some lovely decorations, but this was my favourite by far
arent the eggs lovely?! I made a Simnel cake also, which is so tasty, I love marzipan! Im not religious but I still love all of these traditions.
My mum also took a few pictures of my outfit for me for an easter competition, this is out the back of my parents house and is the view I get from my bedroom window!
And now onto my photoshoot!
This has nothing to do with lolita, but is from my second shoot for Apocalypse Girls! I will be posting my lolita photoshoot for you to see very soon.
I met the girls in Bristol to go the boxing ring, everyone was so friendly! I had a great time and for the last few shots I did injury makeup for everyone! Bruised eyes and split lips and the such :) Here are a few, I hope you like them!
You can view all of the pictures here:
Okay thats all for now, bye bye <3

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter!

Hope you have a lovely day princesses, ill do a full easter post soon ~

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Magnolia, Strudel and Sunny Days!

Hi sweeties! So I have some pictures to show you from while I was away!
Ill start with the day i took my boyfriend to the strudel bar. I love living in Bath because it has lots of secrets and places you'd never know were there! like the strudel bar, which is so, so cute, hidden downstairs in a little shop!
This is my outfit, taken in the Christmas grotto part of the shop ^^
And the grotto itself! isnt it adorable?
The strudel is amazing, its handmade locally and tastes just incredible!
And me again! I love the wall of cuckoo clocks behind me! Recently Ive been wearing my red lipstick with my lolita more and more, think its a shame its not seen that often, but I loved it with Fantastic Dolly.
Such a cute picture!
The next day we had out was at some lovely gardens near us. Unfortunately it was way too hot for lolita (already!!) and I knew we would be walking lots so not such an amazing outfit!
My favourite part of the day was the magnolia, there was literally a magnolia avenue, lined with these beautiful trees! I wont bore you with too many pictures but here are my favourites.
Such a beautiful colour, excuse my derpy face!
And finally me and my lovely boyfriend.
Thats all for now! bye bye princesses

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Dead Laptop is Dead!

Dear readers, Im so sorry my laptop died! Im writing this from my bf's house! Im getting a new laptop soon but Ill miss this one :(
RIP laptop!
As this is just a quick post Ill also show you my most recent outfit pic!
Thats all I have time for! Bye bye <3