Wednesday, 31 August 2011

A few Rewind pictures ^^

I thought Id show a few pictures from my last festival of the year!
Its an 80s festival and I went with family and close friends, it was so much fun!
On the saturday me my mum and Keeley dressed up as madonna but most people thought I was lady gaga Q.Q
I love longline bras
I love meeting random people at festivals ^^
Me with my uncle and mum on the last day!
I love these guitarry keyboard things!
And I love this picture of Toyah by my uncle, my favourite perfomer of the weekend!
thats all ^^

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Outfit & New Bloomers

Hello lovelies!
I had a photoshoot yesterday that Ill hopefully be able to show you soon ^^ for now I have an outfit and some new bloomers I sewed to show you!

This outfit was just thrown together for shopping with my mum, I kind of wanted something casual but gyaru inspired, though I didnt have enough time to do my hair or makeup as Id have liked :(
the dress has cute pompoms which hang down that you can see in this shot ^^ ignore my shitty makeup, I need some new lower lashes

I also sewed some bloomers, it was my first try sewing them and I used a lovely tutorial you can find here:
and here they are! Sorry for the bad quality pictures Q.Q

I think theyre okay for a first try ^^

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Blog Award!

The Lovely Wanda from Lavenrose ( gave me a blog award!
Please check out her blog, its one of my absolute favourites, I always feel inspired after seeing her gorgeous deco posts! I have such a love for hime gyaru Q.Q

So here we go!
Rules for the award are!
1.) Write seven random facts about yourself.
2.) Nominate 15 lovely bloggers.
3.) Link back to the person that gave the award.

Seven random facts:
1.) I get really shy for the first 5 minutes of meeting people.. Then I turn into my usual silly, loud self :D
2.) I have a four year old brother ^^ and he is so so cute! (but loud >.>)
3.) I love museums and art galleries
4.) I feel weird when my nails arent painted because Im so used to having nail polish or falsies on all the time!
5.) I get over excited when Im waiting for packages, I want things to arrive as soon as Ive ordered them!
6.) Im still searching for the perfect lilac hair dye D:
7.) Raspberry sourz and lemonade is my favourite alcoholic drink currently.

Yay! And now for my 15 lovely bloggers!
Youre such a sweetie, I love reading your comments! <3
I know that youre lovely from real life :D Very lucky to have another lolita at my university!
So gorgeous! I love how varied your blog posts are! :D
Please post more, I just adore your blog and you have such a stunning look!
Yay for UK lolitas!
Your outfit posts make me so damn jealous Q.Q
Such a sweetie, I hope I get to meet you at a UK meet one day ^^
I loved the train journey we got to sit and talk about deco and clothes and the beautiful dress you made!
Please post more, I just adore your posts!
One of my first lolita inspirations! I still adore your outfit posts!
Your creations are so so stunning! I couldnt be more jealous of your skills!
I love how often and lovely your posts are <3
Youre such a cutie! I just want to keep you!
I wish there were more UK Gyaru! Id love to give it more of a go <3
You inspire so many people! you should be so proud of yourself :)

Thats it! I hope you check out the lovely blogs I chose!
Have a nice day ~

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


My massage was so intense!! Omg, the lady was only 4 foot something so when she opened the door I was a little sceptical, but when she started the masage my eyes were watering she was so strong Q.Q My back is so bad though, I definitely need to start going more frequently!
After that we went to see the inbetweeners movie, so so funny! Do you like the show? Its one of my favourites!

This is what I wore

I found this on my phone

and I dont think I ever posted it!
I love princess cam

I had Indian takeaway for dinner yesterday, yum!
Today Im going for a massage, my lovely boyfriend booked it for me ^^ and then to see the Inbetweeners movie! Exciting!
Hope you have a nice day sweeties

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Winter & Day 18!

Hello sweeties! I was away this weekend at a music festival of only 80s bands, it was so much fun! Ill post pictures soon ^^
But back to the challenge..
Day 18 – A picture of your favorite lolita style.
This is so difficult for me currently because I love so many different styles but am wearing sweet lolita which originally caught my eye a lot less and moving more towards gothic styles.
I think its because of the transition that I love things with gothic and sweet influences such as Angelic Pretty's Puppet Circus.
(from hellolace)
(found via google)

And I also wanted to write today about winter! I know its only august but Im genuinely excited for winter this year and I cant wait to get my beautiful coat out again and start layering up! Im also looking for tutorials on cute winter items, I definitely want to stock up on bloomers and maybe sew myself a capelet so if anyone knows of any good tutorials please let me know<3
Im also excited because there will be lots of meet ups! My friend Hati and I are already organising one for early october and have already got plans for a christmas meet in the works! So exciting!
If you need some winter inspiration there are some beautiful ideas at Yoshh's blog here:

And finally heres a picture I took last year in the snow^^

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Made a chain for my deco carousel ^^

Ive had it for ages on a rubbish bit of ribbon, this is definitely what it needed!

I also wanted to show you pictures from a cute sweetie shop I went to recently

The jars in the window

And this is their counter!
So tasty

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Bristol Zoo Lolita Meet

Ive been meaning to write about this for a while but Ive been busy and lazy in equal measures :p This post will be super picture heavy!!
It was a really lovely day, and I met some truly lovely people, I hope I get to meet all of them again before too long!
Unfortunately I had to leave the meet slightly early due to trains and having to work in the evening :( boooo! But while I was there I had an amazing time!
I got the train through to Bath where Hati Whitney and Ziggi got on for the last few minutes to Bristol. They were all super nice!
Whitney and Hati in a boat :)
We wandered for a little while before we had the shared picnic, my favourite thing before the picnic was the meercats, so cute!
And thennnn picnic time :D I didnt manage to get everyone in D:
My tasty things :D Hati made amazing chocolate strawberries and sandwiches which were very nice after so much sweet things! and Whitneys coffin cake in the background!
My favourite animal after lunch, look how his tails like a scarf XD
Group end shot ^^
Affter this I had to leave D: though I did later meet one of the lovely lolis Monika on my train! Shes so sweet and gave me lots of deco tips, she makes some absolutely beautiful things!
Anyway, I got bored and did some cam whoring at the train station :)
and a full outfit shot :)
These next pictures were not taken by me, they were taken by Hayley and Darren.
I didnt realise these pictures were being taken so Im herp derping a little :p
a lovely group shot
I love accessory shots ^^
sorry for the picture spam and thanks for making it this far!

Day 17 – What do you want more then anything right now?

Hummm. Im seeing my lovely boyfriend tonight. All of my family are healthy and well currently. So onto materialistic things, it'd be nice not to have to worry about money I guess!
So Ima say.. a winning lottery ticket :D

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Yesterdays photoshoot..

So yesterday I went on a group Apocalypse Girls shoot, with an apocalypse theme! It was super exciting because we had most of the shoot in an abandoned mental hospital!
It was super scary, and we *may* have had to jump a fence to get in!! Luckily we had no issues of security seeing us, so we managed to be there nearly 4 hours with no trouble.
I ont get my personal shoot photos through for a while because they need to be processed through the site, but here are some from my personal camera I took with me :)

After jumping the gate we had to walk a little path through forest land, and we came across this broken wheelchair (a bit creepy!)

Just inside the second building we entered (although a lot has been knocked down, there were still loads of buildings left)

Second floor of Woodside

Woodside from outside

Myself and two of the girls inside

A bathroom in another building

I dont want to post too many pictures so Ill leave it here, what a day though! It was definitely scary that patients had been here only 5 years prior.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Day 16 – Your outfit for the day.

Ive neglected this challenge so much >.>
Ill be posting about the Bristol zoo lolita meet soon but for now my outfit!
one of the other girls took this shot which shows my accessories without me realising hehe

aaaand some awesome sweeties i had the other day!

Ill post more soon ^^