Sunday, 22 May 2011

I Feel Sad Today

So this wont be much of a post.
For now here is an outfit and accessory shot, I hope you like it. I will write more about my day in London when Im a little happier

Friday, 20 May 2011

Busy Bexy Bee!

Ill be back soon!
I made this picture today:
I also found out Im going to Download music festical in June! Im so excited! You can see the line up here
Are any of you fellow lolis into metal? I saw this on tumblr the other day, it sums me up!
I hope youre all well!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

New Tattoo!

Hi Sweeties!
Its been so long since Ive posted but this is purely a result of exam stress and nothing amazingly interesting happening >.< Ill be back to normal after the next few weeks.
A few cool things have happened however, including I have a new tattoo! (For any lolis uninterested in body mods I apologise >.<) I will do a full post concerning my body modifications at some point as Im quite addicted, I now have 16 piercings and two tattoos, the second of which is only 2 days old ^^
It was quite painful as it was on my ribs and it says thirteen and I got it on friday 13th ^^ there are so many cool myths surrounding the number 13.
So here I am getting tattooed! my tattoo artist was a really nice guy and he said I did very well :D
sorry for the weird contrast! and here is an after shot and a close up.
I love it! I cant wait for my next one.
Until next time!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Lolis Go To The Zoo!

Hello! Thought Id make a post about a lolita meet I went to on sunday!
Im late fr the egl transformations.. but I did a mini one! no none makeup shot, my boyfriend is the only one who sees that :p
Here is a pile of extensions, makeup and accessories :) and a makeup no hair or outfit shot!
fluffy hair Q.Q
curled my extensions the day before and that saved me so much time! I had my hair redyed last week, my blonde looks a lot better now!
accessory shot! I love my nails ^^
We saw so many lovely animals, but our favourites were the snow leopards and the tigers ^^
This one looks like my pet!
an outfit shot taken my boyfriend in tropical world, my new rocking horse shoes arrived in time!
We all brought picnics and I brought hello kitty cupcakes for my boyfriend and me, but check out one of the other lolis rainbow cupcakes! I must have a go!
Here is me and my boyfriend with the tiger who took a bath!
And some group shots of the lolis though sadly the loli who organised the meet had to leave before these!
our elephant impression ^^
thanks for reading princesses!