Tuesday, 13 November 2012

New tattoo and shoot!

Hey lovely people! Just a quick post, wanted to show you my new tattoo! Im so in love with it, my tattoo artist is ridiculously talented <3

Here we are in progress..

It took about four and a half hours so luckily I was given cigarette breaks! 
Here we are part way through

It was cold haha, my goosebumps!!

And the finished (sore) product! Ill post a healed picture when its all sorted :)

Isnt she beautiful?

Also another photoshoot! This was fun, but also coooold!

What do you think?

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

MCM Expo Halloween fashion show!

This is going to be a pic heavy post just a warning!
I was super excited to be in the MCM Expo fashion show, some lovely girls from the last show I was in modelled too and I was super stoked to get to wear some of Roxie Sweethearts gorgeous jewellery! Michelle is just the loveliest <3
All of the photos in this post are from the fantastic Anarchy Photography who captured some amazing shots of the lovely girls I modelled with!
First of all a group shot!

Check out Kiri's amazing Kyary inspired outfit! She designed and made it herself, such talent!

The incredible Andie who always looks so elegant! Perfect coord and Im so in love with her shoes!

Jessica who Ive always admired, such amazing style! Love the way she mixed different styles into her outfit <3

Gorgeous Pixie Late! So amazingly cute, and really lovely! Such a pleasure to finally meet her!

Lovely Michelle of Roxie Sweetheart! She looked incredible! Dat hair <3

I loved this ladies co-ord, so perfect!

The ever stunning Wai Yi, her make up was incredible as usual!

And finally meeee!

Love these close ups ^^

What do you think?

Sunday, 4 November 2012

MCM Expo & the night before!

Hello! Thanks for sticking with me, so sorry I havent posted more!
This post will be about an evening out we had for my lovely friends birthday and MCM Expo, though Ill be posting about the fashion show I was in in a seperate post so I dont photo overload you!
The night out was a very late celebration of Amy's birthday and it was Meme dress up! My mum had come to visit so I dragged her out for a drink too :)
Trollolololol :D I also had a You Mad Bro? shirt from my boyfriends store on!
Kyra was chemistry cat and Amy was nyan cat! Sadly you cant see her amazing headdress in this picture but it was so awesome!
More drunken pictures of awesome!
Sadly we had to get up super early for MCM Expo the next day as I had to be there for rehearsals! Ill show you all the fashion show pictures soon!
Heres my makeup shot:

And my outfit:
The new bodyline JSK :D

The convention itself was lots of fun, check out this cute mini jedi!

These were my favourite outfits from the show! Edward Scissorhands <33 sadly the picture with Sauron is super blurry but I had to include it! So badass!

My boyfriend had fun testing out the new games, hes super excited for Halo 4 :)

All my Star Wars love <3333

Thats all for today! Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Japan Matsuri

I was lucky enough to walk in the lolita catwalk organised by the Tea Party Club at the Japan Matsuri in Trafalgar Square last saturday! My lovely friend Kyra hosted and it was awesome :D
Here are a few shots from our rehearsals beforehand!
I was OTT in the sweet group

Pirate, sailor and punk!

Two lovely classical ladies

And my solo practice shot ^^

And on to the show! It was super nerve racking but fun! Im smiling like an idiot in all pictures because I was so happy >.<
Loved this group! Dat green meta coord <3

and our group! Photo by Sweet Sultana

Walking out at the end!
Photo taken from facebook (please let me know who youd like to credit if you see this photo taker! <3)

All of us at the end of the show
Photo by Sweet Sultana

After the show we were knackered so ended up going somewhere for bubble tea before going back to chill at Kyras, I always am boring and get the strawberry milk!

And finally I leave you with an accessory shot!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Gothic preview and new!

Hello! This post will be short and sweet but I really wanted to show you a couple of previews from sundays photoshoot!
The photographers contacted me due to their interest in lolita (they usually work with pinup models so I think it was a nice change for them!) and we met last sunday to shoot! Im waiting on the disc with all my images which is in the post but here are a couple ^^ as always you can find my page here for more punctual updates! Your support means a lot to me <3
Sorry for any dodgy resizing here.. stupid photobucket >.<

In other news, I finally brought this JSK! 
Ive wanted it ever since I saw the wonderful Neko Lady wearing it! I need more everyday plain pieces
Now I just want a black bonnet to go with it! any recommendations?
Thanks for reading!