Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas Round Up!

My main present was my AATP dress so I didnt have anything massive but I will post all my other things another time ^^
Though I did just buy a new wig :D its to go with my Jewellery Jelly for a photoshoot
So I thought Id post a couple of cute pictures from christmas time!
First heres my updated nails, I did my sisters too, and using the new Konad stamping I got my sister I did bows and snowflakes on our nails ^^ and a little snowflake on my little brothers thumb :p
our tree..
and me with my family at the table! Unfortunately my sister isnt in it as she was the photographer
My final thing I wanted to show you was our gingerbread house! This year I thought it could be a joint effort, so I did one part of the roof, my sister did a wall and part of the roof, her fiance did a wall and my brother did the ends ^^
mine and Ryans efforts

Shiv (my sisters)

My brothers!

and heres my house from last year, I was so proud!

Friday, 23 December 2011

Xmas Nails and Disqus help!

First of all check out my christmassy nails! I made them with a red base, gradient of a sparkly green and then added green glitter to follow the gradient ^^
I couldnt get a really good picture but here are my attempts looks so much better in person!
also I was wondering if maybe one of my readers would help me! Alot of my friends have disqus commenting, but how do I comment with my name and linking back to my blog? Any help would be very beautiful!
Before I forget, some photos from a christmas market! Before I dyed my hair ^^
these look so yummy
have a stunning christmas!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

My 21st birthday part one!

Ive decided to put this post into two parts, this one will be about the lovely things I received and the next post will be about how I celebrated! My birthday was last thursday ^^
I already knew what I was getting from my mum, my gorgeous Alice and the Pirates dress! So here are some pictures... and my new hair (note: i genuinely have no idea how to edit photos, my hair is actually dyed the same colour ^^)
So on with the pictures!
My final picture of my unicorn hair...
and mermaid hair!
My beautiful new dress
the bodice
and some print pictures!
my favourite, the crocodile and clock
my mum also gave me one to open on the morning ^^
cuckoo clock necklace! hehe
My final present is coming from the money my dad gave me for my birthday..
my dres dress and headbow, Jewellery Jelly! *yeahhhh*
Im so excited!

(Id also like to say here that my gorgeous new watermark was created for me by the lovely Lila of Cute Can Kill! So thankyou very much and credit will be at the side of my page from now on ^^)

Monday, 5 December 2011

Internatonal Lolita Day Winter 2011!

Hello! I ended up organising a meet on saturday the 3rd, Id originally planned it as a chrstmas meet, but the fact it coincided with ILD was awesome :)
Sadly my life is a bit mad currently and Im under a lot of strain, so despite emailing I didnt manage to book the place I wouldve liked for tea and I know some of the girls were disappointed (the cafe didnt even reply to my emails D:)
so it was a really a bad start to the day sadly!
luckily things picked up as we went to the market, we had hot cider, looked at lots of lovely cute things and took pictures ^^
messing around with ziggi, love how fun my local comm is!

sadly people left before we could have a nice group shot :( here are some more from the day though :)
by the carousel
ziggi was glum as we didnt get a chance to go on!
and my coord from the day!
and accessory shot as always !
did you do anything for ILD?

Friday, 2 December 2011

Todays outfit

I got a new blouse so thought Id wear it today, nothing special as I was only in the library and had a lecture.
Ive actually got another new blouse and skirt but Im saving those for the meet tomorrow :)
and here is todays outfit!
and without the cardi so you can see the cute sleeve bows :D
and a cheeky close up
such poor quality photos Q.Q but its bad winter light now :(
I also found a couple of pictures of some makeup I did for a night out a while ago :)
and with hati

thats all for today, ill post more soon!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Lolita Photoshoot

I had a shoot with my friend Emma a while back for her art project so I thought Id show you a few of the pictures! Shes very talented :)
This is my favourite
not sure what Im doing here!
deco carousel love!

Anyway yesterday I had another photoshoot! Busy busy bexy, and then in the evening we had a lolita drinking session! It was so much fun, we went to a couple of pubs and then everyone came back to mine for more drinking, dancing like idiots, pon pon-ing and so on :) It was a really lovely evening and I feel hugely lucky to be in a community where I can be myself without having to pretend Im something Im not. A cheeky group picture from Jessies camera
and one of us together
thats pretty much it for now! Hope youre all having a lovely november

Monday, 14 November 2011

My First Piece of Brand!

Finally I can make this post! My parents decided that as its my 21st they wanted to get me something special. My mum wanted to get me something by Juliette et Justine but when that failed we both fell in love with this, Night Fairy Fantasia by Alice and the Pirates!
Its sold out on the baby website so I assumed itd be another dead end, but I made a post on egl sales just incase, and someone had it brand new with tags! Im getting it in the colourway pictured but the navy or black wouldve suited me just fine too :)
I adore the style and Im already dreaming up coords, I just adore the print! Peter Pan <333
and of course anything resembling a corset is just fine with me!
I cant wait to put it on for the first time. Its my birthday in a month and a day!
Out of interest if anyone reads this, what would you like your first piece of brand to be, or what was your first piece?