Friday, 27 January 2012

Bradford on Avon meet ☆彡

It was a fun day, sometimes its nice to get out of Bath for a meet! It couldve gone a little more smoothly but nevermind!
We had tea at a really cute little place, the food was lovely
I had chai tea too, soooo good! I might have to go and make some now 
Latte in a mug cup

After that we went on a little walk and then to the pub, it was nice to sit and chat to all the girls :) here we all are! (minus monika ;___;)
it was so so windy!
Here are some more from when we were getting ready ^^
all my things ready for action!
and before the wind attacked my hair
and finally one of me and Hati with our macarons!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Geo Nudy Blue Lenses Review!

 I brought the Geo Nudy Blue and Geo Angel Green circle lenses from who replied quickly and dispatched my items quickly despite the fact I ordered them around christmas time and Im very pleased with their service and will definitely buy there again!
I chose these lenses based on whether they were sold with prescription and also a lot of help from my friend Wai Yi who put up with all my questions beautifully! So thank you Petit Four Glacé in the shape of a heart. Lemon drizzle.
on to the pictures!
I wasnt sure they'd do a lot to my naturally green eyes as they looked fairly thin but...
theyre amazing! I took this in light from the window which I think they look best in. I love the white sort of halo around the edge?
The top image is with flash, and the lower image is lamp light. It also shows you how my wig reats to different lights :D
Onto the details, theyre very comfy, the same as any monthly lenses I have had before which is impressive as these supposedly last a year! I always carry eye drops with me anyway as I get dry eyes very easily, but I dont use them anymore than usual with these :) Id be tempted for a slightly larger lense for events and so on, but I personally enjoy that I can wear these everyday with them making an impact on my look - without being too extreme! 
Quality: a shimmery jewel heart~a shimmery jewel heart~a shimmery jewel heart~a shimmery jewel heart~a shimmery jewel heart~
 (Though Ill let you know if I have any problems throughout their year of wear!)
Comfort: a shimmery jewel heart~a shimmery jewel heart~a shimmery jewel heart~a shimmery jewel heart~
Coverage: a shimmery jewel heart~a shimmery jewel heart~a shimmery jewel heart~a shimmery jewel heart~
Enlargement: a shimmery jewel heart~a shimmery jewel heart~a shimmery jewel heart~a shimmery jewel heart~
All in all Id definitely recommend!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

New Wig and Shoooooes!

I will be posting about my circle lenses soon! and a full review of my new wig, but still not finished exams yet D:
So my new wigs arrived today! The brown one Im a little disappointed in because it isnt styles uite as the picture but it was so cheap Im going to restyle it and give it a go myself ^^
And heres a couple of pictures of my new ones! I was derping hence the tactful love hearts :p
and the base wig
also I was in Office shoe shop the other day and I saw these beauties.. the last pair left, my size, in the sale and another discount on sale items!!! So I could not resist
what do you think?

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Tea Parties, Circle Lenses and New Top!

Hello! My blog will start being a little more interesting again soon! Im just in the middle of exams :(
But.. because of exam stress I have been indulging in a liiiiitle bit of retail therapy :)
So I have 2 new pairs of circle lenses (Ill make a review post on these soon!)
A new cardigan from Bodyline
aaaaaand 2 new pairs of tea parties, that I have been waiting months for! I have a pink and a black pair! 
I might do a review on these soon as they were from the large size order from Secret Shop, and maybe itll help another larger footed lolita somewhere!
Chibi Chibi's Ribbon
Here is my most recent coord, Im wearing my new tea parties and cardigan 

and I leave you with a cute picture of my rabbits Petit Four Glacé in the shape of a heart. Lemon drizzle.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Yesterdays Outfit

Just a quick post! I was practising some ballet steps before my first lesson of 2012 on monday.

Thursday, 5 January 2012


Nothing special, just essay writing and picked my little brother up from school ^^ hes so cute, he was so happy it was me getting him today! I did have such bad earache from the wind though, forgot my ear muffs ;___;
heres my outfit, nice and casual and I wore my patent docs
now for a nice hot bath and a glass of wine ^^

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

80 followers, 70 fans and 120 lb fans!

Wow, I dont really look at stats like how many followers I have that often and I just realised I have 80 on here!
It genuinely means so much to me that anyone would follow my blog, so thank you all so much! It makes me really happy that anyone reads let alone comments here!
Ive also now got 120 fans on lookbook (whaaaat) and 70 fans on my facebook modelling page! Thanks so much to anyone who supports me, Im truly humbled that anyone would.
For any new readers, my lookbook link is to the right and my facebook page is here, Im grateful for any support!

much love to all of you, and if you ever have any suggestions for what I should blog about or how to improve my blogging, please let me know

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A Year in Pictures!

So I thought I would do a post kind of like a round up of the last year! I hope its not too boring!
Congrats if you make it to the end :p

Last New Year! 
Starting where Im ending! I spent last New Year with my lovely boyfriend!

Lolita shot from this month
After exams I went to Amsterdam with a few close friends, we had an incredible time and I love them all <3

February was a good month! My first lolita meet in the new forest, I met some of the loveliest lolitas I know there!
A valentines themed night out with one of my best friends Jacob
and a lolita shot from this month!

I dont have so many pictures from this month! My favourite was this drunken one with 2 of my housemates!

This was the month my first photoshoot was released! It was a strange experience but I still love this shoot

May was my next lolita meet, luckily with lots of the lovely girls from my first meet! I had an amazing time!

My second and third photoshoots were released, one of a group boxing themed shoots, the other my personal shots from the day.
I also had epic fun times at Download music festival this month and managed to see some of my favourite bands including System of a Down, Disturbed, Korn and many many others! 

I couldnt find any for July ;___; perhaps this was around the time my laptop crashed!

I went to rewind 80s festival and had an amazing time! I also attended a lovely lolita meet in Bristol!
I also had another photoshoot at perhaps the most frightening place Ive ever been, an abandoned mental assylum! One of my favourite shots

This month saw my first meet I helped to organise! Myself and one of my best friends organised a meet in my current city Bath
I cant remember a lot of this month -.-'

Another meet in southampton with some of my favourite lolitas! Here I am with Monika of
shes so teeny and Im so tall! + platforms aha

we also had a halloween night out ^^

Got a shoot from my best friend back!
And had the funniest lolita drinking session :D

Winter international lolita day meet came and went,
I turned 21 and had epic party taim!
and thats about it! I worked christmas eve and new years eve.. so no fun pictures from those usually party filled nights.
I hope you werent too bored! I fill this blog with so many more pictures than words...