Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Wishlist Post 1!

Ive decided to make the occasional post to show you some of my dream items!
Today I wanted to talk about Angelic Pretty's Memorial Cake!
(ignore the Melty Chocolate items on the left :p)

At my first lolita meet a very wonderful lolita was wearing the Memorial Cake JSk in sax and I fell in love with it!
I forgot about it till recently, but suddenly Im back in love with it again ^^
I want to own the OP or JSK in black one day! I know its very busy but I adore the print on the black and the little details make me fall in love, especially on the JSK!
I love the little bit of tulle on the bust and on the shoulder straps!
Ive not seen a massive amount of coords with black Memorial Cake in, but what I have seen I love!
I love the bonnet, and I love the addition of gloves!

All of the pictures I have used are from tumblr, hellolace or google. Please let me know if you have the original source and would like it credited!

Hope you enjoyed my first wishlist post!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to the lovely Laura aka The Heian Princess!
Ill drop you an email for your address!
Thankyou all who entered, I hope youll continue to read and enjoy my blog!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Hen party, shoot and valentine!

Yesterday was my sisters hen party! Not very lolita, and I doubt she will ever see this but I want to wish her congratulations here anyway ^.^
We're doing a classy hen weekend next week, but she wanted one trashy night out for it! so heres the original group (there was quite a few more of us by the end of the night!)
and one with me and two of my best friends who came along for the night!

This week I also had another photoshoot! This time it was at an abandoned gas station, it was really good fun and I love the shots! I did a mini faux hawk which kinda worked but wasnt helped by how hot it was!
As usual you can see more here!
At this point Id also like to say thankyou to those of you that take the time to comment on my posts, particularly photoshoot posts, I appreciate every comment! I always do my best to reply, so if youve ever asked me a question or anything, please check back! I reply to the comment on the post ^^

Finally Id like to say thankyou for my lovely valentine this week <333 it was lovely to see so many familiar faces on there!
I miss all my lolis <3
Thats all for now, remember my giveaway ends tomorrow!

Friday, 25 May 2012

Elyga Apparel!

So recently my boyfriend started up his own clothing line!
You can find the facebook page here and the webshop here!
Ive got two shirts to review and a voucher code so that you can get some super awesome shirts for you/significant others/brothers etc ^^
He packed them all how he would for a standard order, in a thick grey plastic bag. This is what was inside!
Shirts in indivual clear bags, business cards and a free pokemon card!
Here are the shirts I chose:
Theyre extremely good quality, nice and thick with beautiful quality prints!
This shirt is particularly popular on the site too:

Heres how I wear mine! Ive also cut the back up but unfortunately I dont yet have a picture :( but you can see it a bit in the mirror behind me!

So go and check out the webstore and facebook! If you purchase anything online and use the code "Bexypop10" you can get 10% off!!!
Let me know which is your favourite ^.^

Also dont forget my giveaway! Not long left now!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Derpy gifs and photoshoots!

Nothing too interesting for me still :( but I do have some gifs I made and some photoshoot pics to show ^^
and heres some of my shoot!
Before the outfit etc..
as ever, you can see more here!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sweet time photos!

I had another photoshoot today!
I took some photos to show you after my shoot ^^
Makeup shot! I did it slightly differently this time ^^

Last night my lovely friend Abi made me this! It says Rebecca and creepy cutie in Japanese apparently!
Hehe I cant read it at all but it looks awesome!
I also got this lovely valentine <333
thankyou so much mystery lolita

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Missing in action -.-

So Ive finally finished my degree! Its been possibly the heaviest week of my life, an essay in monday, an essay in tuesday and an exam wednesday, all less than 3 weeks after my 11,000 word dissertation :/ couldnt be happier its all over to be honest!
So I went out to celebrate... it started off well but unfortunately was a horrible night. I have awful luck
But here I am with some of my lovely friends!
this was my approach, sadly it didnt work and was a very, very stressful evening
Anyway the next day I saw my boyfriend, I wore some casual lolita finally!!! 
Nothing special I was and still am horribly exhausted
Details, my fluffy 2 way clip and macaron are from sassynpunk boutique!
The highlight of my week was being offered my first paid photoshoot! Im so excited that anyone thinks my modelling is worth paying for ^^ Come and like my page here for more updates!
Finally wanted to show you a picture of some of my wands I found when I was clearing out ^^
Finally, a reminder on my giveaway! Go here to enter!

Friday, 11 May 2012

My pin up photoshoot! ☆彡

This is a non lolita post, but I wanted to show you some of my new pin up style photoshoot!
*pic spam*
*le swishhhh*
aaaaaand le gasp
this one was a mistake I think but I kindof like it!

What do you think? Ill be uploading the rest of my favourites to my modelling page here tonight so please go and check it out!
Also thankyou to everyone who has entered my giveaway! To those who havent, go go go!