Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sassy n Punk review!

Hello lovelies! I will be making a review for 2 new sets of circle lenses (one of which Im wearing in these pictures), some posts with new photoshoot pictures and next week Im walking in a fashion show so will have lots to show you before long!
So here we have the lovely things Leyla of Sassy n Punk decided to send me!

I have to say I adore this Barbie ring! The ring band itself is so cute as well!

Also in love with this brooch, think Ill be putting it into a lot of my sweet coords from now on!

I also love the way that Leyla puts cute charms on the chains of her necklaces! This casette necklace has a little heart on it too :)

As always the quality of these items is high, theyre always well thought out and very sturdy! Which is good for me as Im clumsy and tend to break things!

Thanks for reading, sorry Im not posting as much as usual!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Fortune teller, J et J fashion show & outfit

Hello! Had a look at my JetJ pictures from the fashion show but theyre really awful quality!
So Ive picked three of my favourites to show you from the wonderful Anarchy Photography, catch the rest here!

The wonderful Chokelate

This lady was my favourite, she had such a lovely demure smile! 

The perfect Kyra <3333

Kyra was also wearing my favourite dress from the show, which has been firmly added to my dream dress list!
Heres a quick outfit picture as I havent posted one in a while ^^
<3 glitterhell! And the bag I brought from the JetJ tea party ^.^
And finally a few shots from a recent shoot! I was a gypsy fortune teller!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Juliette et Justine & Tea Party Club 5th Anniversary

Hello! You may well have seen a few posts about this wonderful event already as its already been a week but my schedule is crazy currently!
So today Im going to blog about the incredible event last weekend, though Ill be making a post about the fashion show later on.
So my day started extremely early as I woke up at 3.30am and couldnt get back to sleep -.- I still ended up rushing to get ready somehow though!
I arrived at the event and met some of my lovely friends who had gotten in earlier and went for a wander around the first room which had JetJ clothing for sale and lots of beautiful indie designers.
You can just see my headdress at the back centre!

It was also here that I got to meet one of my idols, Octave Kitten!
She was absolutely lovely, and I was so pleased to have spoken to her!
She looked so incredible <3333
I also got to hang out with some of my friends whilst waiting for people arrive! With the lovely Chrissi

We then moved into the main room for the Q&A with the designer of Juliette et Justine, the editor of the Gothic & Lolita Bible and a make up artist!
It was absolutely incredible, and their answers were really incredible and very inspiring.
We then had a bit of a break and then went back in for the fashion show, which Ill blog about seperately to give it proper depth! Casual waiting pictures with Ziggi
and a fashion show preview!

Classic posey bathroom pictures!
With le waifuuuuu

and then right at the end during the group picture....
She was so very very lovely, and honestly the most humble person, I was so happy to meet her! Excuse blur

and then this happened

So after a long day myself and the waifus went for a pint and then had a couple of ciders on the train home.

I shall leave you with an outfit shot and our group picture!

Im right at the back next to Chokelate, you might be able to find me by the headdress stood in the left window!

Ill go into more detail about the fashion show and also another surprise on the day in my next post ^^
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Kitties, star wars pub and the dungeon!

Hello strangers, as usual long time no see >.< Im so tired after work and my weekends are manic! but I wanted to post this now so that I can tell you about he Juliette et Justine party thats taking place this saturday as soon as I get the chance!
So a few weeks ago, my lovely friend Kyra invited us to stay at her parents house so we could see their beautiful new kittens, have tea with her grandmothers antique china and then go and get drunk :D
First the tea! It was so lovely, lots of tasty food! And beautiful rose tea <3

Kyra being all demure and yummy caaaake

And me! I wore Jewellery Jelly :)
And the evenings activities!
Some on the way out pictures...

and doing the creep!

Obligatory toilet picture..

and a group one in the first pub!

On our way to the next pub...

They had cocktails that came in pints! They were named after characters ^.^

I didnt actually take any in the club, I was really quite drunk :p We had so much fun though! 
And I leave you with the kittens!

Thats all for today! Thanks for sticking with me!