Friday, 4 February 2011

Im back!

Amsterdam was incredible, I never wanted to leave! such a beautiful city, I will spam you all with pictures another time !
Other new stuff is that I got into a UK based modelling site called Apocalypse Girls! I will update my blog with any shoot information and pictures as they happen, Im very excited!
I also am getting my first christmas present this year very early... my sister found a beautiful nautical Pauls Boutique bag, and when it had my name she brought it for me straight away! I cant wait to get it!
And one last thing, I won a photography competition on! The theme was christmas and this is the photo I submitted:
And my button for winning!

Hope you all had a lovely January!


  1. Congratulations for winning the competition ♥ the photo looks wonderful

  2. thankyou :) i was really pleased as it was a bit of an impromptu photo taking session!