Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Bath Lolita Meet

I co-hosted my first meet on saturday in Bath, and it was a great day!
I really enjoyed it and it was so ridiculously nice to not have to travel to a meet but have one in my city ^^
Unfortunately the beginning of the day didnt go as smoothly as planned, Hati (who I hosted with) and myself were a little late (so sorry again if any attendees are reading this!!) but overall I had an amazing day, and I think that the majority of people would agree with that.
So as usual, on with the pictures!
First of all we went to a tea room! Unfortunately we couldnt all fit in the tea shop itself so we all ended up outside, giving the general public plenty of chance to get all paparazzi on us >.< people were lovely though, everyone was genuinely curious and I didnt hear a single hurtful comment all day!
I loved all their mismatching cups and saucers
cake teapot!!
The group (minus myself and Whitney) outside the tea rooms
Me and Hati
After that we moved on to the museum (which you can actually see over my shoulder in this photo)
We took lots of single and group shots outside the museum!
After we had looked around we went for a wander to a fabric shop and then on to the pub, which was a lovely chill way to end the day!
Heres my outfit
accessory shot
and (ignore my glum face) new lower lashes!!
I like these ones much better
and thats all for now ^^


  1. cake teapot is amazing *_* I'm so jealous of your friend's tartan skirt ^^ <3

  2. Everything is so sweet~ ; u ; The outfits all so cute, OTT really suits you! :3

    Also, on a random note, that cake teapot is adorable! Now I want one. XD

  3. I'm ALWAYS late to meet-ups,I understand you!

    You were such a cute group,good thing all of you had a great time <3

  4. You look gorgeous! I will always love that Alice print <3
    Sounds like a really nice day out :)

  5. Thankyou lovelies! It was a lovely day ^.^ and zeruda hati made the skirt :)

  6. Very cute! ^^ Love the magnificent tea party going on outside.

  7. looks nice!!!