Wednesday, 7 November 2012

MCM Expo Halloween fashion show!

This is going to be a pic heavy post just a warning!
I was super excited to be in the MCM Expo fashion show, some lovely girls from the last show I was in modelled too and I was super stoked to get to wear some of Roxie Sweethearts gorgeous jewellery! Michelle is just the loveliest <3
All of the photos in this post are from the fantastic Anarchy Photography who captured some amazing shots of the lovely girls I modelled with!
First of all a group shot!

Check out Kiri's amazing Kyary inspired outfit! She designed and made it herself, such talent!

The incredible Andie who always looks so elegant! Perfect coord and Im so in love with her shoes!

Jessica who Ive always admired, such amazing style! Love the way she mixed different styles into her outfit <3

Gorgeous Pixie Late! So amazingly cute, and really lovely! Such a pleasure to finally meet her!

Lovely Michelle of Roxie Sweetheart! She looked incredible! Dat hair <3

I loved this ladies co-ord, so perfect!

The ever stunning Wai Yi, her make up was incredible as usual!

And finally meeee!

Love these close ups ^^

What do you think?


  1. All the photos are amazing! I love how everyone has their own unique and badass style ;). Your hair is so cool, did you dye it that way or is it a wig?


  2. Lovely photos! Your outfit is so amazing<3 :D

  3. Wow! ♥ Everyone looks fantastic! Such beautiful coords! You guys are so lucky! I think I need to move to the UK xD

  4. Your Outfit looks great and it suits you so well!!!! ♥