Sunday, 7 November 2010

MCM Expo

I have recently started gaming so when a friend asked me to go to mcm expo in London i was only too pleased! Ive always loved anime and to now be involved in the gaming side of things is so much fun, this is my current xbox set up:
I saw some amazing cosplay and so many cute lolitas, but my favourite cosplay was Ryuk from Deathnote, this has been one of my definite favourite animes for a long time now!
P1010030.jpg picture by bexyvongrimm
It was a lovely day but i had to restrain myself from buying too many beautiful things! Here is my outfit, and a close up of my deco den accessories, i loved my nails they had the cutest red sweetie details!
P1010033.jpg picture by bexyvongrimm
P1010012.jpg picture by bexyvongrimm
sig1.jpg picture by bexyvongrimm


  1. Glad you enjoyed the Expo - I've been a couple of times but we always spend too much money!

  2. it was great fun but definately too tempting to spend too much!