Monday, 22 November 2010

Sometimes life feels like stepping in shit when you've got beautiful shoes on

So i've had a hard few weeks which is why its all been a little quiet on the blogging front! And today things really got to me, so i snuggled up and watched Kamikaze Girls to cheer myself up. (oh so predictable for a lolita right!)
Anyway, right in the beginning of the film, where Momoko steps in shit on the way to station, i thought to myself she still looks like a princess! So i got out of bed, got dressed and told myself that even when i feel rubbish, i can still do it feeling like a princess! So i did just that, and i felt much better. Its been one of those days where i truly remember why i love lolita.
And this was my outfit!


  1. Predictable but totally worth it! It's one of my go-to movies when I'm feeling down too.
    Got to say, I love that starry blouse, it really livens up the coord!

  2. aha it does the job! the starry blouse was from primark a year or so ago, i brought it on a whim and now love it aha!