Saturday, 23 April 2011

Magnolia, Strudel and Sunny Days!

Hi sweeties! So I have some pictures to show you from while I was away!
Ill start with the day i took my boyfriend to the strudel bar. I love living in Bath because it has lots of secrets and places you'd never know were there! like the strudel bar, which is so, so cute, hidden downstairs in a little shop!
This is my outfit, taken in the Christmas grotto part of the shop ^^
And the grotto itself! isnt it adorable?
The strudel is amazing, its handmade locally and tastes just incredible!
And me again! I love the wall of cuckoo clocks behind me! Recently Ive been wearing my red lipstick with my lolita more and more, think its a shame its not seen that often, but I loved it with Fantastic Dolly.
Such a cute picture!
The next day we had out was at some lovely gardens near us. Unfortunately it was way too hot for lolita (already!!) and I knew we would be walking lots so not such an amazing outfit!
My favourite part of the day was the magnolia, there was literally a magnolia avenue, lined with these beautiful trees! I wont bore you with too many pictures but here are my favourites.
Such a beautiful colour, excuse my derpy face!
And finally me and my lovely boyfriend.
Thats all for now! bye bye princesses

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  1. So sweet!! love the two places, The strudel is amazing and the sakura is lovely