Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter and a Photoshoot!

Hello lovelies, hoping you all had a lovely lovely easter, I did! As promised here is a post about my day, and then some photos from an Apocalypse Girls photoshoot!
I woke up quite early, got dressed, added some bunny ears and went to find my little brother who loved my outfit so much! I then had to hide the eggs for the easter egg hunt for him and a few of the other children who live near us ^^
My easter egg was kind of special this year... also I got two of them as my sister brought the same as my mum!
My mum did some lovely decorations, but this was my favourite by far
arent the eggs lovely?! I made a Simnel cake also, which is so tasty, I love marzipan! Im not religious but I still love all of these traditions.
My mum also took a few pictures of my outfit for me for an easter competition, this is out the back of my parents house and is the view I get from my bedroom window!
And now onto my photoshoot!
This has nothing to do with lolita, but is from my second shoot for Apocalypse Girls! I will be posting my lolita photoshoot for you to see very soon.
I met the girls in Bristol to go the boxing ring, everyone was so friendly! I had a great time and for the last few shots I did injury makeup for everyone! Bruised eyes and split lips and the such :) Here are a few, I hope you like them!
You can view all of the pictures here: http://www.apocalypsegirls.co.uk/shoot.asp?id=154
Okay thats all for now, bye bye <3

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