Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Lolis Go To The Zoo!

Hello! Thought Id make a post about a lolita meet I went to on sunday!
Im late fr the egl transformations.. but I did a mini one! no none makeup shot, my boyfriend is the only one who sees that :p
Here is a pile of extensions, makeup and accessories :) and a makeup no hair or outfit shot!
fluffy hair Q.Q
curled my extensions the day before and that saved me so much time! I had my hair redyed last week, my blonde looks a lot better now!
accessory shot! I love my nails ^^
We saw so many lovely animals, but our favourites were the snow leopards and the tigers ^^
This one looks like my pet!
an outfit shot taken my boyfriend in tropical world, my new rocking horse shoes arrived in time!
We all brought picnics and I brought hello kitty cupcakes for my boyfriend and me, but check out one of the other lolis rainbow cupcakes! I must have a go!
Here is me and my boyfriend with the tiger who took a bath!
And some group shots of the lolis though sadly the loli who organised the meet had to leave before these!
our elephant impression ^^
thanks for reading princesses!


  1. Nice transformation! Also, I'm not really a cupcake person, but ohmygosh, rainbow cupcakes??? Must bake!

  2. All these cupcakes look so delicious! (*^O^*)

  3. thankyou! not hugely detailed transformation as i was late, but it makes a lot of difference!

    hehe the cupcakes were very tasty ^^

  4. So cute! And jelly that I didn't get to go to that meet (but I got to see Brian Cox instead so it's all good).

  5. omf!!! i wanna be there, so many lolitas! ok, i've been in your blog 5 seconds n i'm already craving all ur outfitts