Sunday, 15 May 2011

New Tattoo!

Hi Sweeties!
Its been so long since Ive posted but this is purely a result of exam stress and nothing amazingly interesting happening >.< Ill be back to normal after the next few weeks.
A few cool things have happened however, including I have a new tattoo! (For any lolis uninterested in body mods I apologise >.<) I will do a full post concerning my body modifications at some point as Im quite addicted, I now have 16 piercings and two tattoos, the second of which is only 2 days old ^^
It was quite painful as it was on my ribs and it says thirteen and I got it on friday 13th ^^ there are so many cool myths surrounding the number 13.
So here I am getting tattooed! my tattoo artist was a really nice guy and he said I did very well :D
sorry for the weird contrast! and here is an after shot and a close up.
I love it! I cant wait for my next one.
Until next time!


  1. I love it! Jellyyyyyy.

    Also 16 piercings O_O that's a lot haha. I only have 4...I did one of them myself though, do I get extra points for that? =P

  2. nooo thats minus points! diy piercings end up so badly most of the time, ive only ever had one and they rejected -.-
    thankyou mutsumi ^^