Monday, 27 February 2012

Rainbow Nails Tutorial!

So after being asked a few times, I thought Id make a tutorial for my blendy rainbow nail varnish!
Here we go, hope you enjoy it! please ask me any questions if Ive missed anything!
Based off the Hard Candy line of cosmetics. awesome nail polish called Vinyl. sorta purple-gold-silver-blue like. very very very cool, works with lots of clothes. bad one stroke coverage thou, 2 to 3 is ideal.Based off the Hard Candy line of cosmetics. awesome nail polish called Mirage. it looks pink, but shimmers blue! ^.^ sooo cool!! takes a few coats to reveal the pink, but it works good as a top coat to manicure colors.Based off the Hard Candy line of cosmetics. awesome nail polish called Sell Out. incredible colour but it takes two coats. it's a bitch to get off with nailpolish remover tho, cuz it stains your cuticles if you're not careful. highly reccomended for girls on the go.Based off the Hard Candy line of cosmetics. awesome nail polish called Jeanious. looks good with jeans. denim with a gold shimmer. beautiful alternative to pinks and reds.

Step 1! Gather everything you need. The first time I did this I only had lilac, a half dry pink, pastel yellow and mint green nail varnishes, so you can adapt this to use however many or few colours youd like! Im excited to try some new blends in the future ^^
As well as your coloured nail varnishes you will need a clear and a glitter (optional) as well as a sponge (I use cheap facepaint sponges from ebay) and a cocktail stick (not pictured)

Step 2!
Paint your colours on your sponge. Make straight lines, thick enough that when all colours are on the sponge it will cover the length and width of your nail.
I forgot to take a picture of the important bit inbetween this step and the next! Using a cocktail stick, blur the colours into each other slightly. This will give it that blendy look rather than several chunks of colour. Also if youve put on a thick layer of nail varnish, dab the sponge onto a piece of paper, if the colour is too thick it wont look blended!

Step 3! Apply to the nail! I find that each application of nail varnish lasts for around 3 nails. As you can see its very thin! This is how its supposed to look, the build up is worth it!

Step 4!
And another layer..

Step 5!
And another! Carry on till youre happy with the brightness of the colours. Dont worry if it looks slightly lumpy, thats what the next step is for!

Step 6!
Go over with a clear coat. It doesnt matter if the previous colours are still a little damp, the clear actually helps to smooth it all down.

Step 7!
Delicious glitter! This is more a personal choice, but I think it really complements the colours! My glitter has silver, blue and lilac sparkles in ^^

Step 8!
Get rid of the excess from around the edges. Voila! Macaron optional ;)
This picture is from Hyper Japan, I have lots of pictures to show you but Ill save those for my next post ^^


  1. AWWWW YEAAAH! I can't wait to try this out myself! Looks quite easy to do too :D

  2. Wow! That looks so cool ^_^ I want to try it!

  3. I wish I had nails to do this! But it's really, really adorable, and I also love your Hyper Japan photo :D

    1. you could probably do it on shorter ones just fewer colours or thinner lines on the sponge ^^

  4. This tutorial is awesome!
    Thank you for doing this, will definitely have to give it a go in the future ^^
    btw you look gorgeous (as ever)!! ;D

    1. ooh yay look forward to seeing your version! and thankyou :3 youre too sweet!

  5. Great tutorial, it's so cute :-)

  6. The rainbow nails are so cute!

  7. woaaaah *__*
    thanks for this tutorial <3
    it was helpful ^_^