Thursday, 9 February 2012

Sushi, tea and help!

So I thought Id post some pictures from things I have done recently, I havent posted much as its all been a little quiet! But I did have amazing blooming tea that I wanted to show you :D
It was very delicate and jasmine-y, and when I first got it, it looked like pond weed!! but it opened gradually..
Until I ended up with this! Hanging basket :p it looks so cute! Sadly you cant see the lovely shade of red of the top part
I love the logo too, the place is called tea monkeys :D
Latte in a mug cup
I also went out for sushi with two of my coursemates, so yummy!! I didnt really eat fish and was really vegetarian for about 4/5 years but now I think Im comfortable being pesketarian (I dont know how to spell it!)
Heres some of what I had
zenzai... memories of winteri had the BIGGEST SHRIMP once with my tempura soba. I think it might have been the size of a lobster, no kidding.
tempura shrimp roll. ohh yes.
So good!
I also had this amazing chocolate cake, (and some chocolate mochi!!) after, Its chocolate ganache, chocolate mousse, and has crushed meringue inside, I thought I was in heavennnnn
One final thing!
I entered the Gothic Lolita Wigs contest with images from my new photoshoot, its not going well for me as I dont like to pester my friends online! But if you feel like I deserve a vote please go ahead!
The link is here:
and heres the picture I used! Ill post this shoot in full soon ^^
Thank you for reading!


  1. Woow I love the pictures!!
    They look so beautiful *O*!!
    haha and the ape on the glass is so funny XDDDD

    1. thankyou so much! and omg i cant believe youve been on my blog im so happy!