Sunday, 14 October 2012

Japan Matsuri

I was lucky enough to walk in the lolita catwalk organised by the Tea Party Club at the Japan Matsuri in Trafalgar Square last saturday! My lovely friend Kyra hosted and it was awesome :D
Here are a few shots from our rehearsals beforehand!
I was OTT in the sweet group

Pirate, sailor and punk!

Two lovely classical ladies

And my solo practice shot ^^

And on to the show! It was super nerve racking but fun! Im smiling like an idiot in all pictures because I was so happy >.<
Loved this group! Dat green meta coord <3

and our group! Photo by Sweet Sultana

Walking out at the end!
Photo taken from facebook (please let me know who youd like to credit if you see this photo taker! <3)

All of us at the end of the show
Photo by Sweet Sultana

After the show we were knackered so ended up going somewhere for bubble tea before going back to chill at Kyras, I always am boring and get the strawberry milk!

And finally I leave you with an accessory shot!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Really sweet photos! You're beautiful :)

    Mikki |

  2. Omg what a cute show! And where did you get your socks and that carousel necklace? I want them! :)


  3. Love the catwalk! Everybody looks lovely and I love your coordinate! :)

  4. Wow! Lovely photos! and You look stunning as always :D:D

  5. aawww so kawaii photos and I looove ur coord,epic deco outfit,wonderful accessories,I love black and pastels ^^

  6. Super adorable photos!
    Everyone looks great!
    Thank you for sharing~

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