Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Gothic preview and new!

Hello! This post will be short and sweet but I really wanted to show you a couple of previews from sundays photoshoot!
The photographers contacted me due to their interest in lolita (they usually work with pinup models so I think it was a nice change for them!) and we met last sunday to shoot! Im waiting on the disc with all my images which is in the post but here are a couple ^^ as always you can find my page here for more punctual updates! Your support means a lot to me <3
Sorry for any dodgy resizing here.. stupid photobucket >.<

In other news, I finally brought this JSK! 
Ive wanted it ever since I saw the wonderful Neko Lady wearing it! I need more everyday plain pieces
Now I just want a black bonnet to go with it! any recommendations?
Thanks for reading!


  1. That black dress is just amazing. And you paired it with a lovely blouse, too <3

  2. You looked so pretty in the shoot,gothic style is amazing on you!

  3. lovely photos, and I can't wait to see you in your new JSK :D

  4. Beautiful ouftit! I love it :33

  5. I personally think BTSSB do the best bonnets, although they're usually the floppier and frillier type xP I could really do with a plain black dress too, I sold all my plainer ones which was a dumb move!

  6. awww you look so wonderful as always!!! :3

  7. Oh you always look so pretty in your photoshoots and gothic suits you really well. (Though in my honest and biased opinion, I prefer sweet xD) Now I don't really (if ever) know much on Lolita and I'll probably get ostracized for this, but why not rectangular headdresses? They look a bit nice, even though bonnets look nice too. :) It's really up to you.

  8. The bodyline looks awesome. I am sure you will look great in it!


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