Monday, 3 January 2011


Every lolita seems to have a favourite brand, or at least a couple of item names that get their pulses racing! i think most lolita blogs have this post or something similar... favourite brands and dream items.
My favourite brand has got to be Angelic Pretty. Their ridiculously intricate beautiful prints, and the detail in their items steals my heart whenever they release a new collection! So however impractical it may be my dream item is this, the Milky Planet jumperskirt!
I think the thing that really made me fall in love with this item (besides the beautiful print and sugary colour palette) is the detail, look at this lace!
What are your dream dresses? hopefully youre closer to achieving them than i am mine!
Unfortunately my student living doesnt allow for such things, though i have been practicing my own sewing machine skills today, maybe one day ill be able to make such beautiful creations, though my chances of ever finding such wonderful fabric are slim!
More posts to follow on my creative sewing streak ^.^ if anything works out!


  1. Thank you following me!

    Kisses, Melanie

  2. thankyou, you too! i love the idea for your blog and the regular updates! <3

  3. Hi you wondered if i sell items online i do i have an etsy account if you want to i can list the item you would like to buy ^_^
    Dearest regards

  4. i replied on your blog also, but yes please!

  5. This is one of my dream dresses too! But my ultimate dream dress is Sugary Carnival (I figure that's why I like Milky Planet so much as the prints have parallels). And I bought my dream dress *is now ubermegapoor* but I can't wait for it to arrive!

    As for fabric, there's a big store in Bristol which has some nice ones! There was one which reminded me a little of Fruits Parlor, and some plainer ones with strawberries and stuff on! Wanted to buy the fabric so much, but alas I have no sewing machine or skills.

  6. oooh which dress did you buy? ill have to check that fabric shop in bristol next time im there! my sewing skills are limited, but im getting there! in the middle of finishing my firsrt skirt and its gone okay!i love fruits parlor <3