Sunday, 16 January 2011

♡ A little update

Hello! Just thought I'd post a little update until tomorrows outfit post ^.^

I've spent most of the weekend with my lovely boyfriend and revising for my upcoming exams (Q.Q) but last weekend we had an indoor picnic because its still so cold, it was super cute!
We had muffins and crisp sandwiches and sweeties, all super yummy
My favourite sale find so far has to be this amazing embellished belt, I got it for an absolute steal because its missing a few gems, but its still gorgeous and I want to make a military style lolita outfit with it but I haven't got a navy lolita skirt yet :/
*Sigh* i love it so much! Another something new.. hairstyle! excuse the horrible picture:
and finally, I leave you with the prettiest chocolate ever that I had today:
apparently the chocolate wiggly line on the one on the left is called a "strickle" hehe


  1. That belt is gorgeous! I'd love to see the Military Lolita Outfit when you do it ^_^

    Kisses, Melanie

  2. thankyou! yeah just need to get my hands on a navy skirt but i have such an image in my head for it ^.^