Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Some new pictures ^^

When I dont have my camera I tend to take a lot of pictures on my phone, so here are a few recent ones!
Ill be back to blogging more frequently soon, Ive just moved back to uni so things are a little crazy right now!
Heres my bag charm, I added the stars and pearls myself :)
and my doggy!
and a cute one of me and my boyfriend, I love my puri app!
I have two lolita meets before too long and a photoshoot out soon to show you so I will be back to better posts soon!
And maybe one day Ill finish the 30 day challenge ;D hehe
bye princesses


  1. All of the pictures are very cute, I really like your bag charm! >w<

    I have a weakness for photoshoots and meet-up reports, so I'm really looking forward to seeing those! ; u ; <3

  2. DAT CHARM I wanted a pink or lav one, but could only find brown. So I have brown. Boringgg haha.

    I can't believe how soon the meets are now! Need to plan what to wear Dx

  3. Okey... I just realized I'm gonna kidnap your dog!!!!!! I'm in love with him! :'3

  4. That bag charm is so love, though is that a Hello Kitty bed sheet I see? :D <333 What a cute dog! *tries to pet it through the computer monitor* ^^

    Have fun with the photo shoot and stay awesome! ;D

  5. Puffle: thankyou! well in a week im co hosting a meet and then the week after attending another! and im waiting on 3 photoshoots to post here ^^

    Abbey: i love dellamores cheshire cat ones 0.0

    Churi & Lavenrose: thankyou! I miss her so much, she is such a cutie! and yes kitty bedsheets ^^