Monday, 5 September 2011

Day 19 – What’s in your make-up bag?

Hey lovelies! Ill be posting about some items Ill be selling before long but for now, my next challenge day!

This first picture is my more everyday items, the second is my extras ^^
1. My standard eyeshadow palette
2. My most used lashes and under lashes
3. Base products
4. Eyeko cream (<333333)
5. My most used eyeliners and mascaras

The more exciting lot...
1. My brow kit (stencils, shaders, pencil etc. This is more the colour I use when I wear my wig)
2. Hello Kitty charm glosses
3. My second makeup bag
4. My fancy lashes
5. Lipsticks
6. Glitters

I hope you like my pictures! Ill post my sales soon ^^


  1. An awesome makeup collection you have there. :) Mine isn't nearly as big or even big at all.

  2. i love it, i think im quite different from some lolitas in that way, i like to still wear a lot of makeup!