Friday, 27 January 2012

Bradford on Avon meet ☆彡

It was a fun day, sometimes its nice to get out of Bath for a meet! It couldve gone a little more smoothly but nevermind!
We had tea at a really cute little place, the food was lovely
I had chai tea too, soooo good! I might have to go and make some now 
Latte in a mug cup

After that we went on a little walk and then to the pub, it was nice to sit and chat to all the girls :) here we all are! (minus monika ;___;)
it was so so windy!
Here are some more from when we were getting ready ^^
all my things ready for action!
and before the wind attacked my hair
and finally one of me and Hati with our macarons!


  1. Your outfit is very cute!! (^^)

    1. hehe thankyou! finally have my dream dress!

  2. Very nice pictures! And your coord looks awesome! The food tray did look very good o.o

    ~ Kieli ~

    1. hehe thankyou! im hungry thinking about it :p

  3. You looked goooorgeous,I love your hair with that blue shade <3 What a cute group,envy!!!!

  4. You must've had a wonderful time! :D The food looks so yummy, especially the cakes on the top. <3 Love your coordinate.