Thursday, 7 June 2012

Hime DIY and a casual outfit!

Today I did some DIY for an upcoming hime gyaru outfit!
I made two hair clips ^^
First off this one inspired by the style of la pafait:
I made the chain from scratch and did all the jewels ^^

the basis of my outfit!

finally heres todays casual coord:

Hope youre well princesses! Dont forget to like this picture HERE to vote for me please!


  1. e.e ohh this is awkward.

    I saw your heart shaped bag on tumblr and gathered inspiration from it for a post. There wasn't a link on the tumblr post so I assumed it was one of the "randoms" ><. since I know it's yours now, I'll link your blog when I actually make the post :)

    I had also gotten inspiration from the La Pafait hair clip, and planned on making a post on that as well X) I still plan on it, but would you like me to link your tutorial as well? ^^ I think people enjoy seeing different interpretations.

    1. id really appreciate if you would link back :) my original post is here:

      id love it if youd link to my tutorial, its so sweet of you to offer! and if you have it by any chance, could you link me to the tumblr post of my bag? :)

    2. T_T sorry...I don't have the link to the actual post anymore =\ I remember doing a looot of browsing before coming across the picture..I'm not sure how I found it =X

  2. woow these handmade hair clips are wonderful!!!so good job *___*

  3. omggggg
    those hime hair clips are soooooooo lovely <3
    i need to do something like this ^w^

  4. cool blog *___* the clips looks so nice !