Friday, 29 June 2012

Post ILD Meet

A lot of us were busy on the actual international lolita day (I was busy at my sisters hen weekend ^^) so we decided to have our own after!
We went to a lovely park in Bath that has lots of cute shelters as the weather was very temperamental (bloody England!)
 Group shot:
Everyone looked lovely! I felt a little strange in something more classic than sweet but it was fun ^^
Everyone brought lots of food including Ziggi's amazing green tea cake <3
Sooo good!
After we had eaten we took lots of pictures and then went to a Georgian House museum, sadly we werent allowed to take pictures in there :( So here are some of our pictures instead!
Me and Abbeys shots for lookbook :D
Me and Whitney
The beautiful Mini Mo
A gothic trio :D
After our meet we went to the pub (as usual) and ended up going out! Sadly I didnt take any pictures but it was beautiful! I love going out with Kyra and Antonia is lovely <3

Finally here are my nails and I added more lace to my hime clip :D


  1. This cake looks awesome ^O^ And all of you look so beautiful~

  2. That green tea cake looks yummy ♥ You look lovely!

  3. It seems to be cute meet,Lovely coords and I adore this green tea cake ^^

  4. Had so much fun that day, though I missed my bus and Rob had to practically carry me to his car so I kinda got told off...but fun nonetheless! Gutted I missed going out though xP

    1. haha awh :) we will have night out soooon!

  5. Everyone looks so cute and of course, a Lolita must have some lace on her hair piece! xD