Sunday, 24 June 2012

New Skirt!

Sorry for not posting in so long! I have 2 photoshoots to show you and a meetup report coming up!
For now i wanted to show you my newest purchase, Angelic Pretty's colourful hearts!
I got this at an absolute steal but am very happy with it ^^
I love the lace!
What do you think? I cant wait to wear it!


  1. woow it looks so cute and reminds me alice in wonderland,also adore these little heart shaped diamonds <3

  2. It's so cute, and quite an unusual colour combo! I look forward to seeing it in an outfit =]

    1. yes! think im going to go with pink accessories to make it more wearable ^^

  3. OMG, so so cute! It will look absolutely great on you, I love the scalloped hem. And also, as Abbey says, unusual colour scheme! ^_~

  4. What a pretty skirt. :D You should totally wear it in your next outfit shot! Though just out of curiosity, are those ties in the third picture? Thanks!