Friday, 3 August 2012

Sassynpunk carebear review and more shoot photos!

Hello lovelies! sorry Ive not blogged in so long, Ive been so busy -.- 
Ive got a lolita group shoot to post about as well as a meet up tomorrow and a few other things that will be coming this way soon!
First let me show you my awesome new necklace from sassynpunk!
Ah its the cutest! 

Its so beautifully made! and I adore the detailing on the chain, they match each different bear!


And look at the other cuties the lovely Leyla sent me! Shes the nicest <3
So go here and find a cute bear of your own! AND get 10% off using my personalised code "RebeccaPunk"  on these and any of these sassynpunk brand products!

And here are a couple of shot from 2 recent photoshoots! got a lot more to show you from recent weeks ^^

and now for something a little different.. if youre not a zombie fan look away now!


  1. amazing necklase and stickers,and I love your zombie nurse costume ^^

  2. cute necklace ^w^

    Love your pics,u're so beautiful <3

  3. Cuteness! I love it! Thank you so much rebbeca! The necklace looks awesome on you! :)

  4. That bear is love! Sometimes it bugs me if I see a cute charm/pendant, but the beads/pearls don't match well with the charm/pendant. I'm glad to hear that there is colour coordinating and matching involved. Not a fan of zombies, but I love your other photoshoot photos! So pretty!

  5. Aww! your zombie nurse costume *_*

  6. Oh, you look amazing!