Saturday, 22 September 2012

Fortune teller, J et J fashion show & outfit

Hello! Had a look at my JetJ pictures from the fashion show but theyre really awful quality!
So Ive picked three of my favourites to show you from the wonderful Anarchy Photography, catch the rest here!

The wonderful Chokelate

This lady was my favourite, she had such a lovely demure smile! 

The perfect Kyra <3333

Kyra was also wearing my favourite dress from the show, which has been firmly added to my dream dress list!
Heres a quick outfit picture as I havent posted one in a while ^^
<3 glitterhell! And the bag I brought from the JetJ tea party ^.^
And finally a few shots from a recent shoot! I was a gypsy fortune teller!


  1. I love the jumper with the kitty on :D and lovely photos of yourself :D

  2. Wow! The ladies look so pretty! Though is it just me or is the first lady's posture a bit "weird"? O-o Anyway, I love the photoshoot! ^^