Thursday, 6 September 2012

Kitties, star wars pub and the dungeon!

Hello strangers, as usual long time no see >.< Im so tired after work and my weekends are manic! but I wanted to post this now so that I can tell you about he Juliette et Justine party thats taking place this saturday as soon as I get the chance!
So a few weeks ago, my lovely friend Kyra invited us to stay at her parents house so we could see their beautiful new kittens, have tea with her grandmothers antique china and then go and get drunk :D
First the tea! It was so lovely, lots of tasty food! And beautiful rose tea <3

Kyra being all demure and yummy caaaake

And me! I wore Jewellery Jelly :)
And the evenings activities!
Some on the way out pictures...

and doing the creep!

Obligatory toilet picture..

and a group one in the first pub!

On our way to the next pub...

They had cocktails that came in pints! They were named after characters ^.^

I didnt actually take any in the club, I was really quite drunk :p We had so much fun though! 
And I leave you with the kittens!

Thats all for today! Thanks for sticking with me!


  1. want to go to this star wars pub so hard!!!btw cute kitties

  2. Beautiful photos! You look so amazing. :-)