Wednesday, 31 August 2011

A few Rewind pictures ^^

I thought Id show a few pictures from my last festival of the year!
Its an 80s festival and I went with family and close friends, it was so much fun!
On the saturday me my mum and Keeley dressed up as madonna but most people thought I was lady gaga Q.Q
I love longline bras
I love meeting random people at festivals ^^
Me with my uncle and mum on the last day!
I love these guitarry keyboard things!
And I love this picture of Toyah by my uncle, my favourite perfomer of the weekend!
thats all ^^


  1. Whoa! o-o That bow is humongous! It is probably because of that bow that people associated you with Lady Gaga (reference to hair bow). xD

  2. your hair is so beautiful on the two first pictures! :O I love it :D:D

  3. i love the bow, was a birthday present from one of my best friends who knew id been craving it :D
    and thankyou churi chan, i love the colours it has now ^^