Monday, 5 December 2011

Internatonal Lolita Day Winter 2011!

Hello! I ended up organising a meet on saturday the 3rd, Id originally planned it as a chrstmas meet, but the fact it coincided with ILD was awesome :)
Sadly my life is a bit mad currently and Im under a lot of strain, so despite emailing I didnt manage to book the place I wouldve liked for tea and I know some of the girls were disappointed (the cafe didnt even reply to my emails D:)
so it was a really a bad start to the day sadly!
luckily things picked up as we went to the market, we had hot cider, looked at lots of lovely cute things and took pictures ^^
messing around with ziggi, love how fun my local comm is!

sadly people left before we could have a nice group shot :( here are some more from the day though :)
by the carousel
ziggi was glum as we didnt get a chance to go on!
and my coord from the day!
and accessory shot as always !
did you do anything for ILD?


  1. I couldnt do any thing but i wish i was at your meet up i would of stayed to :D.

  2. The meet was amazing! I was thinking that I could come to Bath some time in January and we could go to strudel bar in a smaller group? :) That would be an excuse for me to see you all :P

  3. You all looked lovely, and I spot Chrissii ♥