Saturday, 17 December 2011

My 21st birthday part one!

Ive decided to put this post into two parts, this one will be about the lovely things I received and the next post will be about how I celebrated! My birthday was last thursday ^^
I already knew what I was getting from my mum, my gorgeous Alice and the Pirates dress! So here are some pictures... and my new hair (note: i genuinely have no idea how to edit photos, my hair is actually dyed the same colour ^^)
So on with the pictures!
My final picture of my unicorn hair...
and mermaid hair!
My beautiful new dress
the bodice
and some print pictures!
my favourite, the crocodile and clock
my mum also gave me one to open on the morning ^^
cuckoo clock necklace! hehe
My final present is coming from the money my dad gave me for my birthday..
my dres dress and headbow, Jewellery Jelly! *yeahhhh*
Im so excited!

(Id also like to say here that my gorgeous new watermark was created for me by the lovely Lila of Cute Can Kill! So thankyou very much and credit will be at the side of my page from now on ^^)


  1. Happy birthday!
    Very nice presents (^^)

  2. HAPPY B-DAY =^^=
    u're so beatuful)))
    i looooove this necklace *O*

  3. happy birthday! It's just one month until I turn 18 and I hope I get presents just as beautiful as yours :D LOVE your hair!

  4. You look incredible in that dress! Your hair looks perfect with it! <3

  5. Happy birthday and congratulations on turning 21! :D I love your mermaid hair. It really goes well with your new dress. Speaking of the new dress, it really looks beautiful on you! The colours, the designs, just about everything. However, I think that the shoes could've been blue or black so to match with the dress or the bag and hat.

    Anyway, I can't wait to see your new dress and headbow!

  6. I had red lipstick on and red accessories on my coat, it was meant to be a lighter accent colour, also my other Lolita shoes were at my mums as its the end of semester so I made a coord with items I had available to me at the time ;)
    Thankyou for all the happy birthdays lovely ladies!

  7. Oh, I hope your birthday was wonderful!
    The new dressis amazing and i really, REALLY LOOOOVE your hair! So great!

  8. Your new dress is gorgeous, I love the bodice and the print!