Friday, 2 December 2011

Todays outfit

I got a new blouse so thought Id wear it today, nothing special as I was only in the library and had a lecture.
Ive actually got another new blouse and skirt but Im saving those for the meet tomorrow :)
and here is todays outfit!
and without the cardi so you can see the cute sleeve bows :D
and a cheeky close up
such poor quality photos Q.Q but its bad winter light now :(
I also found a couple of pictures of some makeup I did for a night out a while ago :)
and with hati

thats all for today, ill post more soon!


  1. Love that blouse, it's a perfect match for the skirt!

    Can't wait until tomorrow!! I actually know what time the bus is this time #likeaboss

  2. aww... your outfit is so cute!!!! The collar on the blouse is absolute adorable :D:D

  3. The blouse is cute. :) Love the bows on the sleeves.