Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas Round Up!

My main present was my AATP dress so I didnt have anything massive but I will post all my other things another time ^^
Though I did just buy a new wig :D its to go with my Jewellery Jelly for a photoshoot
So I thought Id post a couple of cute pictures from christmas time!
First heres my updated nails, I did my sisters too, and using the new Konad stamping I got my sister I did bows and snowflakes on our nails ^^ and a little snowflake on my little brothers thumb :p
our tree..
and me with my family at the table! Unfortunately my sister isnt in it as she was the photographer
My final thing I wanted to show you was our gingerbread house! This year I thought it could be a joint effort, so I did one part of the roof, my sister did a wall and part of the roof, her fiance did a wall and my brother did the ends ^^
mine and Ryans efforts

Shiv (my sisters)

My brothers!

and heres my house from last year, I was so proud!


  1. That wig will look so cute on you sweetie!

    I love those gingerbread houses,gorgeous!! <3

  2. Dawh mum said she'd get a gingerbread house kit for me to do this year, but she never did! I only just realised Dx

    Love that wig! I wish I could get into wigs, but I just don't think it's going to happen for me!

  3. The wig looks adorable! <3 I can't wait to see you wear it! It will definitely look nice on you! Hehe I love the joint effort with the gingerbread house! I can feel the love that you and your family had put into the house!