Saturday, 3 March 2012

Hyper Japan (Lots of Pictures!)

As the title suggests, this is going to be very picture heavy! I just couldnt narrow down my favourites anymore than I have here ^^

The saturday of Hyper Japan started very early for me, so glad I decided to wear a wig or it would have been even earlier! My boyfriend came and picked me and Amy up and drove us to London, I was so sleepy in the car!
As soon as we arrived we had our picture taken! I still look sleepy ;____; 
Look at Amys cute pastel hairbows!
When we finally got in it took as a while to find the people we knew were coming but here was our general group for the day! Minus Lloydy
We started off the day by having a wander around, our main aim was to try and nab the best bits from the bring and buy stand! No one really brought anything much though sadly, I got the chocomint bow attatched to my OP though ^^
One of my favourite stands was Memz medical/lolita style makeover stand! So creative! I love makeovers, but she said she wouldnt know what to do to improve our looks *le blush*
The jelly syringes <3
I was dying to try some of the amazing food there but the queues were so long! luckily I had some snacks and I brought this beauty
It was sparkly! So tasty, chocolate ganache <3
After that we did some more wandering (and got stopped for plenty of pictures!!)
I managed to get a good one of me and Lloydy ^^
My favourite cosplay of the day was these two little girls, princess mononoke! So sweet! I also loved the Sailor Moon I saw around the place ^^
We kept gravitating towards the Baby the Stars Shine Bright stall throughout the day, and at one point when I was browsing the cute shop girl came and did the bow on my dress up for me! She was so cute, I felt like a princess
(excuse my derp)
The next main event was the fashion show! I thought it was good, wouldve liked it to be longer though! I can imagine how hard organising people was though ^^
My lovely friend WaiYi was in the show too! Jelly twins <3
Sorry for the poor quality photos, I was near the back
At the end of the show they called all the lolis up, we were off to the right
and finally our cliche shots!
Whew! Hope you enjoyed my post!


  1. Wow! You guys are dressed so cutely!

  2. aw, such a cute photo blog sweetie! You all look so adorable :)

  3. You all look so adorable! ; u ; The fashion show pictures are cute, too! I've never been to a convention before, I'd really like to go to one sometime! X3

  4. Your outfit is so cute ( ´ ▽ ` )☆
    It seems that you had a very nice day at that event (^ω^)

  5. lovely pictures! it would be so awesome to be there :D

  6. such adorable photos! this looks like a really fun event~

  7. So nice to see these photo's! It looked like a very fun day ^^

  8. That looks so much fun! ^^ I really love your outfit along with the other lolitas. The Memz medical/lolita style was very clever and cute. ^^ A lolita nurse! <3 The BtSSB shop girl was so cute and so sweet with her tying up your bow for you. <3

  9. I'm so late with my comment but these were awesome pics! You looked amazing :D And that cupcake bag is amazing o_o Sounds like you had a lot of fun! I am dying to find a way to a Hyper Japan event xD Thanks for sharing :D

    ~ Kieli ~