Monday, 19 March 2012

Last weekends meet and I Won!!

First things first let me get my excitement out... I won pinkhime's giveaway! So I get this amazing bag!
Im so ridiculously happy!! Maybe Ill try a hime inspired outfit now ^^
Eternal Sailor Moon's Ribbon 
On to last weekend! We went for a few drinks at my favourite local pub, its a rock/metal pub and sells my favourite cider so we had lots of drunken loli fun :D
Me and Amy after  few drinks :D
A group shot! excuse my horrible smile!
and one of me ^^
after that we brought snacks and drinks and had a dance in my room (we pon-ed and we wei-ed) and Abbey let me try her salopette on! I love it so much, sososo short though! id need a cute underskirt! I still want one though >.<
Anyway as a result of the nights festivities I had a room full of hungover lolis so we decided to go for a mega breakfast at my favourite place, the Cosy Club :D
it was so tasty, and I needed tea! they have cow shaped milk jugs ^^
Im hungry now >.< its such a cute place
The rest of the meet was really chilled out, the strudel bar we had planned to go to is shut down D: so we went for tea and then had ice cream ^^
I had amaretto and chocolate, so good!
Finally a group shot (with a tourist...)
and finally my outfit shot! I went a little more gothic, what do you think? I guess its my first real gothic attempt
Thats it for now! Future posts:
A scoop of vanilla with rainbow sprinkles. Photoshoot (this saturday!)
A scoop of vanilla with rainbow sprinkles. Green Geo lenses review
A scoop of vanilla with rainbow sprinkles. Jolie Petite deco phone case review
A scoop of vanilla with rainbow sprinkles. Cute Candy Clouds bear ear bonnet review
Is there anything youd like me to post about? let me know!


  1. OMG I love that photo in your room (which I'm assuming I took, but I have no recollection...) - all the swapped clothes and Kyra casually in her bloomers xP

    Can't wait til the next meet already *impatient*

    1. i think it sums our group up well haha ^^ i know! i keep thinking its this weekend and getting glum :(

  2. Love the photographs honey and i adore your last outfit, you suit Gothic a lot!

    1. thankyou! id like to try it again, need to get my hands on some more gothic pieces!

  3. OMFG, lolitas in a metal bar? That is so f-ing cool!!!

    Just started following you, btw! XD

    1. haha yeah! we are regulars there now :p thanks for the follow :D

  4. Congrats on winning the give-away!
    And wow, a metal bar with lolita's, how cool!

    1. hehe we go there after every meet up in my city ^^

  5. Congratulations on winning that lovely bag! What a piece of work with the roses and frilliness! <3 ^^ If you are going to do a hime coordinate anytime soon I cannot wait to see it! <3 Nice gothic coordinate.

    1. awh yay thankyou! ill definitely post up my progress with the coordinate!

  6. OMG! That last outfit you have on is soooo chic!

  7. Ctue outfits and a good nigth sure!!