Thursday, 12 April 2012

Easter and moooaaaaar photos!

How was your easter? 
Mine was good but so busy -.- I worked three nights (but this is worse than it sounds.. I dont get into bed until 4.30/5am after work) so I was so tired!
Me and my little brother painted eggs together and made chocolate egg cookies ^^
My totoro egg and the cookie mix!
easter is here and the time is right for Pysanky Eggs!
easter is here and the time is right for Pysanky Eggs!
My parents brought me a giant chocoalte cupcake instead of an egg ^^
and my outfit, complete with bunny ears and tail :D
easter is here and the time is right for Pysanky Eggs!
Other than that I went away with my family for a few days and had 2 shoots with one of my best friends ^^
heres a preview from the first:
after the shoot we went for amazing tea and cake :D
I got instagram haha sorry!
We had another shoot on monday! Heres a couple from that, theyre based on an art project shes doing, and this part was based on misconceptions of lolita, so please dont be offended by my bloomers :p
And finally a picture of me and my lovely boyfriend in Bath ^^ 
well done for making it this far!


  1. Aww, I love the Totoro egg *-* It's really cute!

  2. New reader here. Just wanted to say I *love* your blog! Your style is so awesome!

    You can check out my blog here: Macarons & Stilettos


    1. awh awesome! thanks so much for following!

  3. Totoro! so cute xP I really like your outfits and the photoshoot preview is amazing! :D

  4. So much cuteness in one post! And I love that photo from the photoshoot! Just gorgeous! I love how it just lightly defines everything~ And the bunny coord! So cute!!!!

    ~ Kieli ~