Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Giveaway info & Sophies birthday meet

First off let me say I will be posting as much as I can but its deadline season so it might be a bit unpredictable!
First off I wanted to keep you updated on my giveaway, Im gathering everything together but so far I have brought a cute gem set, a h&m little twin stars necklace set, and these two things from the lovely Sugar Coated Sprinkles!
First is this cute whip cream ring
and this cute deco mirror with a mini comb!

I also wanted to tell you about our mini meet for Sophies birthday!
We were pretty hungover after her night out so we had a big breakfast then went around town and finished up at a cute teahouse ^^
Heres me and the birthday girl posing with her lovely deco dream cushion
I love this pic of moni and kyra, moni looks like shes plotting something!
Me and my waifu 
I had lemon drizzle cake and we all had delicious strawberries and cream tea ^^
Oddly balanced groupshot! There were no boyfriends to take pictures :p
I wish I had a red belt to finish this outfit ;___;

You should also check out these awesome cuties on sassyNpunk boutique!
Creamy dreamy moon charm <3
Thats all for today!


  1. You girls looked really cute,seems like you had a great time!

  2. So cute !! love the pic with the Horses-Bag ^_^

  3. That's looks like a fun meetup! Tea & cake is never a bad idea (*´ڡ`●)
    I really love the Deco Dream cushion pictures, very cute!!

    1. i agree hehe! i wanted to steal the cushion ^^

  4. Your outfit is very cute! (*^▽^*)

  5. I really love your purse! :D is it from pinkyandpinky from japan? ^^

  6. Wow such cute things and I particularly love that blue horse cookie cushion! ^^ You all look cute! <3 I really love your tea party pictures. It must be a dream to have tea parties all the time hehe!