Sunday, 15 April 2012

100 & exciting news! ♥♥

I have so much to tell you in this blog post! The most exciting thing first!
The wonderful Leyla of sassyNpunk boutique asked me if I would like to become an affiliate! Of course I said yes yes yes!
the sassyNpunk blog is where I won the beautiful pinkhime giveaway and they always have the most amazing giveaways lined up! So Id definitely recommend following, its a great way to find out about awesome cute interwebz stuff ^^
It also means Ill get to do loads of reviews of awesomely cute stuff! And Ill get to show you some of my favourite things from the site :)
Second piece of news...
100 FOLLOWERS!!! Yay! 
Ill be collecting items for my giveaway so stand by, itll be ready for you to enter soon! ♥ 

In other news I had a wonderful weekend, Friday night was spent out for my friends birthday and on Saturday we had a mini meet! Ill be posting those pictures soon, for now, heres one of my (super casual) outfits!


  1. Your outfit is so cute and i love your hair also. Did you use bleach under that blue part?
    Congratulations also!!!

    1. yes my natural hair is brown so i have to lift it for the teal ^^

  2. God your outfit is so wonderful!!!!! :D thanks for recommending her wonderful blog and Congrats with a 100 followers :D

  3. Congratulations on gaining 100 followers and the affiliate! You totally deserve them after all that effort! Love the casual outfit.

  4. Grats on both! ♥ Can't wait to see what awesome stuffs you'll be posting :D

    ~ Kieli ~

  5. Congrats for the 100 followers and the affiliation!!!

    Your sailor-inspired outfit is so cute,you looked lovely!