Friday, 25 May 2012

Elyga Apparel!

So recently my boyfriend started up his own clothing line!
You can find the facebook page here and the webshop here!
Ive got two shirts to review and a voucher code so that you can get some super awesome shirts for you/significant others/brothers etc ^^
He packed them all how he would for a standard order, in a thick grey plastic bag. This is what was inside!
Shirts in indivual clear bags, business cards and a free pokemon card!
Here are the shirts I chose:
Theyre extremely good quality, nice and thick with beautiful quality prints!
This shirt is particularly popular on the site too:

Heres how I wear mine! Ive also cut the back up but unfortunately I dont yet have a picture :( but you can see it a bit in the mirror behind me!

So go and check out the webstore and facebook! If you purchase anything online and use the code "Bexypop10" you can get 10% off!!!
Let me know which is your favourite ^.^

Also dont forget my giveaway! Not long left now!


  1. I wish I was brave enough to cut up my shirts...just got a couple new ones that are just so not my shape!

    And free Spoink is awesome.

    1. ah see i always put it off for a while, realise i dont wear them uncut anyway and give in and make them awesome :D

  2. how cool! you look awesome in the cut up shirt :D

  3. I love the Spoink card! :D Also, what a clever way of wearing a man shirt.