Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Wishlist Post 1!

Ive decided to make the occasional post to show you some of my dream items!
Today I wanted to talk about Angelic Pretty's Memorial Cake!
(ignore the Melty Chocolate items on the left :p)

At my first lolita meet a very wonderful lolita was wearing the Memorial Cake JSk in sax and I fell in love with it!
I forgot about it till recently, but suddenly Im back in love with it again ^^
I want to own the OP or JSK in black one day! I know its very busy but I adore the print on the black and the little details make me fall in love, especially on the JSK!
I love the little bit of tulle on the bust and on the shoulder straps!
Ive not seen a massive amount of coords with black Memorial Cake in, but what I have seen I love!
I love the bonnet, and I love the addition of gloves!

All of the pictures I have used are from tumblr, hellolace or google. Please let me know if you have the original source and would like it credited!

Hope you enjoyed my first wishlist post!


  1. I really like the Memorial cake too! the pink JSK is my favorite :D

  2. woow this print is wonderful *___*

  3. What I love about Memorial Cake the most is the huuuuge bonnet :D it's adorable

  4. I am in love with this series too T_T I will get it one day! Dx

    ~ Kieli ~