Sunday, 27 May 2012

Hen party, shoot and valentine!

Yesterday was my sisters hen party! Not very lolita, and I doubt she will ever see this but I want to wish her congratulations here anyway ^.^
We're doing a classy hen weekend next week, but she wanted one trashy night out for it! so heres the original group (there was quite a few more of us by the end of the night!)
and one with me and two of my best friends who came along for the night!

This week I also had another photoshoot! This time it was at an abandoned gas station, it was really good fun and I love the shots! I did a mini faux hawk which kinda worked but wasnt helped by how hot it was!
As usual you can see more here!
At this point Id also like to say thankyou to those of you that take the time to comment on my posts, particularly photoshoot posts, I appreciate every comment! I always do my best to reply, so if youve ever asked me a question or anything, please check back! I reply to the comment on the post ^^

Finally Id like to say thankyou for my lovely valentine this week <333 it was lovely to see so many familiar faces on there!
I miss all my lolis <3
Thats all for now, remember my giveaway ends tomorrow!


  1. Waaaiiiiiii! You are so cool! ♥ You can wear any style and look so awesome! I especially love this look on you~

    ~ Kieli ~

  2. Love the photo's from your shoot, I like that look on you ♥

  3. Wow, those photoshoot-pictures are gorgeous! :)